Puncture 15 holes in the abdomen after injecting liposuction

A 30-year-old woman in Dak Nong went to Cambodia to buy a fat-dissolving agent for 70 million dong, and then injected herself into her abdomen, about two months later, necrosis of the abdomen spread to her back and hips.

TS.BS Nguyen Phan Tu Dung, Director of JW Hospital, said that the patient had an emergency on the evening of February 28 with 15 large and deep abdominal holes, 3-6 cm in diameter. CT scan and abdominal ultrasound showed a very serious necrosis.

“This case is not necrotic in an area like the patients I have treated before, but diffuse necrosis, ie necrotic tissues that are deeply rooted and metastasized to other locations on the body, are very serious,” said Dr. Dung said. He said that more than 30 years of holding a scalpel, he has never seen such a case.

The surgeons, drained 500 ml of pus from the abscesses to quickly resolve the infection, purulent discharge that is causing pain to the patient.

Doctor Tran Trung Tin, a member of the surgical team, said that the hardest thing during the surgery was to drain all the pus that was accumulating in the patient’s abdomen. In addition to removing the abscesses that have formed, the doctor must look for areas that are at risk of abscess formation.

After the three-hour surgery, the doctor placed a negative pressure VAC suction machine to continue to remove pus, dead cells in the abscesses to completely resolve and prevent recurrence. “Fortunately, the patient operated in time to avoid the risk of blood infection and death, but the treatment process is expected to be arduous,” said Dr. Dung.

Surgeons drain the patient’s pus. Photo: Hospital provides

Last year, the 29-year-old girl had a severe infection, necrosis of her abdomen, back and hips after injecting fat-dissolving drugs at a spa in Ho Chi Minh City, and had to be treated for more than half a year at Cho Ray Hospital. The treating doctor assessed the necrosis as “unprecedented”, the wound after stitching continued to open up instead of taking a week to heal. The drug not only dissolves fat cells but also destroys cell membranes of vascular and nerve organizations, including substances that help heal wounds, so the wound is very slow to heal, necrosis is more and more widespread.

There are many ads on the market about the “miracle effects” of fat-dissolving injections. Doctors recommend people to be careful, before putting any drug into the body to find out carefully whether the drug is licensed by the Ministry of Health or not, is it safe for the body. Absolutely do not inject yourself or take someone who is not a doctor, without medical expertise to do it.

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