Pubic lice stick white eyelids

Tay NinhThe 62-year-old woman with pubic lice on her eyelids lays dozens of eggs, white on the eyelashes.

On April 5, Dr. Nguyen Thi Quynh Nga, Head of Ophthalmology Department, Xuyen A General Hospital Tay Ninh, said that the patient itch a lot around the eyelids on either side. She had an itchy eye before, but bought medicine herself to treat it.

The doctor discovered that there are a lot of pubic lice and their eggs parasitize the patient’s eyelashes. The patient is removed all eggs, lice from the eyelids, eye hygiene. The Dermatologist developed a regimen for her systemic lice treatment.

According to Russian doctors, recently the unit continuously received many patients with pubic lice. These parasites are also known as lice, pubic lice, groin lice … They are transmitted through physical contact, such as kissing, sex or direct contact from sick to healthy people. In addition, pubic lice can also be spread through blankets, mats, mosquito nets, clothes, towels … when shared.

When pubic lice are present, patients often experience itching, redness of the eyes, or dark red scabs on the lashes and lashes. If you look closely you will see the eggs and adult lice, in one eye or both eyes. Pubic lice live in many other places on the body, such as hair, eyebrows, pubic hair … They cause itchiness, usually occurring after one to two weeks of infection. Patients often itch a lot at night.

Doctors recommend that pubic lice are contagious to people around, especially people living in the same household. Therefore, when there are symptoms of suspected pubic lice infection, it is necessary to visit specialized clinics to examine, detect, treat in time and be consulted on how to prevent the spread of lice. It is not difficult to treat pubic lice, but if not treated properly, scratching the itch causes skin abrasions, sores can lead to superinfection caused by bacteria.

To prevent parasites that cause disease, it is necessary to regularly clean, bathe every day, keep the body clean.

The eyelids were filled with pubic lice prior to treatment. Image: Hospital provided.

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