Psychological disorders during the pandemic

Ho Chi Minh CityThe restaurant chain – karaoke had to suspend indefinitely, lost revenue for nearly two years, Ms. Nga, 60 years old, was always in anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

Before the pandemic broke out, the job of running a restaurant and karaoke chain brought Ms. Nga a very good source of income. However, the impact from the epidemics caused business to suspend because it was in the non-essential group. For many months, the patient fell into a state of stress, unable to sleep despite using many sedatives.

Specialist 1 Le Thuy Hang, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, Campus 3, said that the patient was prescribed treatment with psychological counseling methods, acupuncture, herbal warm compresses and massage. acupressure, relaxation training, and combined with the use of traditional medicine. After two weeks of continuous treatment with repeated courses every day, the patient slept for about 2-4 hours, still worried because the business has not been restored.

Another patient, Ms. Loan, 42, who works as a barber, is also unemployed due to the epidemic. Having lost her main source of income and raising a young child, she suffers from prolonged anxiety, gradually having difficulty falling asleep, sleeping less and being tired the next day. When she went to the hospital, she was diagnosed with depression. After a month of treatment, she slept better, her anxiety improved, but because the main cause of her depression had not been resolved, Loan still had to maintain taking medication to feel comfortable.

Doctor Hang examines a patient with a psychological disorder, on the morning of August 6. Photo: Queen’s.

Currently, each week, the University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy receives 20-30 cases of anxiety disorders, sleep disorders and even severe depression… with the common cause being affected by Covid-19. Most of the patients are of working age, some of them are managers or self-employed business owners.

Dr. Hang explained, Ho Chi Minh City is a big city – the residence of 10 million people, coming from many provinces. People have an increasing need to meet living needs and indispensable activities such as eating, entertaining, studying and working… The prolonged and complicated pandemic has made these needs be met. This basic view is limited.

“In particular, the reduction or loss of income sources has had a strong impact on the mental health of many patients,” said Dr. Hang.

Besides, social distancing measures, isolation and blockade also disrupt social communication. Most people just stay at home, stay in motel rooms…, places with small spaces are not qualified to meet the needs of relaxation and relieve frustration.

In addition, people are also faced with negative news that is constantly being updated daily, such as the number of infections, the number of deaths, a series of fake news… . Worrying about when it’s your turn to be vaccinated against Covid-19, and whether the vaccine will have any effect on health or not also makes the patient’s spirit become stressful.

Doctors recommend people as soon as there are signs of anxiety, stress, irritability, boredom, poor appetite as before, people are very tired and especially have difficulty falling asleep, insomnia needs to be sick. hospital for early examination and treatment advice, minimizing the impact of these lingering symptoms on mental health.

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