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“Psychic check”, meal for one euro, face-to-face… Emmanuel Macron’s announcements for students

“A student must have the same rights as an employee”. Emmanuel Macron wished, Thursday, January 21, that students can return to attend face-to-face classes at the university one day a week, and have access to two meals a day for the price of one euro per meal in U restaurants.

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“A student has the right to have 20% of his or her time in face-to-face – that is to say one day out of five – and we must also try to hold so that the gauges are never more than 20% , which makes it possible to have distances, and also not to have too many people on a site ”, explained the Head of State during an exchange with students at the University of Paris-Saclay (Essonne).

He agreed that this new establishment “Is quite complicated to manage. I’m not saying it’s easy, but I trust your managers and the university presidents, their teams ”, he insisted. “There have been openings since early January: treating the most fragile in groups of 10, the half-TD (…) What I want now is for the rule to be very simple, it will be prepared with the universities ”, he announced.

A “psy check” to facilitate access to care

“We cannot, taking into account what your generation has already experienced, not take into account the fact that you also have the right to have a little need for face-to-face, to exchange with teachers, to meet people. other students but we must do so taking into account this health situation ”, he added. According to the president, “Obviously there will be strict health protocols”. “We cannot prepare for a normal second semester recovery, we would not be reasonable”, he said.

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The Head of State also announced that all students will be able to have access to two meals a day for the price of one euro per meal in U restaurants, in order to enable them to face the consequences of the crisis. of Covid-19. Since the start of the September school year, the meal at one euro (compared to € 3.30 normally) was only offered to scholarship students, once a day.

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Faced with the psychological distress that seems to gain more and more young people, Emmanuel Macron also confirmed the creation of a “Psy check” which will allow consultation of a psychologist and follow-up care. The Élysée has specified that this check will concern, from 1er February, “All students who wish”.


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