PSG-OM: general fight, Neymar accuses a Marseille player of racism

Did Spain defender Alvaro Gonzalez call Neymar a “Monkey” Sunday, September 13 during the PSG-Marseille shock (0-1)? The Brazilian superstar denounced an act of ” racism “ live during the match, then on Twitter, which his opponent denied.

According to isolated images broadcast by the Téléfoot channel, Neymar complained shortly after the half-hour of the game to the referee, repeating many times “Racismo, no! “, pointing to the Spanish defender of OM, responsible for marking him.

At the very end of the match, after an embryonic general fight, Neymar was one of the five players excluded by the referee, for having slapped the back of Alvaro Gonzalez’s head. “Look at the racist! That’s why I hit him! “, said the Brazilian to the fourth referee and in front of a camera, leaving the pitch.

“My only regret is that I didn’t hit that asshole in the face”, tweeted the Parisian number 10 an hour after the meeting.

He elaborated on in a subsequent tweet: “It’s easy for the VAR [assistance vidéo à l’arbitrage] to show my “aggression”. Now I would like us to show the image of the racist who called me “MONO HIJO DE PUTA” [singe fils de pute, en espagnol]. I would like to see that! If I do a CARRETILHA [un type de dribble jugé humiliant par ses détracteurs], you punish me. For a slap, I’m kicked out. And them ? So what ? “

Alvaro’s response: “You have to learn to lose”

“What racism? “, replied Alvaro Gonzalez, according to Téléfoot. Shortly thereafter, his most recent photo posted on his Instagram account collected insulting or threatening messages, liked tens of thousands of times.

An hour after Neymar’s last tweet, the Spanish defender also posted a message on the same social network: “There is no room for racism. Clean career and with a lot of comrades every day. Sometimes you have to learn to lose and recognize it in the field. Three incredible points today. Go Om. Gracias familia [merci la famille]. “

The 30-year-old Spaniard, who is playing his second season at OM, accompanied this text with a photo showing him in front of a small plane, surrounded by nine teammates, including Marseille captain Steve Mandanda (who retweeted the message), Dimitri Payet, Jordan Amavi or Bouna Sarr. These nine teammates are of extra-European origin. But this tweet directly drew a furious reply from Neymar on the same social network:

“You are not the man to accept your mistake, losing is part of sport. But insulting and bringing racism back into our lives no, I don’t agree. I DO NOT RESPECT YOU! YOU HAVE NO CHARACTERÈRE! Assume what you say old man… be A MAN, Dude! RACIST. “

“There are the images on television, things will be judged”, for his part, reacted the sports director of the Parisian club, Leonardo, on Téléfoot.

“Neymar was a bit upset, I hope we have nothing to do with it. I hope that will not put black on our victory. There is no room for racism in football. I do not think it is. there is also a spit from Di Maria. It’s a Clasico. I hope that was not the case ”, for his part, reacted the Marseille coach, André Villas-Boas.

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