Proposals to solve the shortage of drugs and medical supplies at Cho Ray Hospital

Cho Ray Hospital sent 6 recommendations to the Ministry of Health to solve difficulties and problems in purchasing drugs and medical supplies. In the context of drugs and chemicals, this place only meets about 60% of treatment needs.

The recommendations were compiled after the meeting of Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and Deputy Minister in charge of the Ministry of Health Do Xuan Tuyen at the hospital on June 30. Mr. Dam asked the hospital to “propose definitive solutions to get medicine for the people”, after noting the fact that many patients had to buy some medicine out of their own pocket because the hospital ran out of medicine. .

Dr. Nguyen Tri Thuc, Director of Cho Ray Hospital, said that this place lacks many medicines and medical supplies. For example, the number of stents used for cardiovascular surgery, which the unit planned to use for 6 months but only used it for two months, has been exhausted due to the large number of patients at the lower level. Among many reasons for patients’ referral, there is a lack of drugs and medical supplies for treatment at lower levels. The hospital not only lacks some rare drugs and special drugs for intensive treatment, but also lacks some popular and cheap drugs. One of the reasons is the lack of suppliers or due to the 2021 demand-based bidding plan – when Covid-19 occurs, these drugs are rarely used.

According to Dr. Thuc, in the bidding process (estimate, planning, appraisal, bidding implementation), the most difficult is the price appraisal. Previously, this work was under the Ministry of Health and from the beginning of 2020, it was assigned to autonomous units. Due to the new implementation of this regulation, many units are not familiar with it, plus the fear of mistakes makes the planning and appraisal of prices difficult. The portal of the Ministry of Health has announced the winning bid price, but the attached information is not complete in terms of configuration, features, and techniques. Doctors always need the best medicine, supplies, and medical equipment, but many times social insurance or inspection and supervision agencies are only based on price.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam (blue shirt) visits patients at the pharmacy area of ​​Cho Ray Hospital, on the afternoon of June 30. Image: An My

This time, the hospital proposed the Ministry of Health clearly specify the order of priority in the information on reference prices to develop a plan for selecting contractors to supply drugs, consumable medical supplies and chemicals. In which, priority should be given to the winning bid price posted publicly at the latest time, the supplier’s updated quotation.

In case of drugs, medical consumables, chemicals without winning bids being publicly posted within 12 months, three quotations cannot be collected after the invitation for quotation is widely published 20 days , the hospital proposes to use the lowest price among those quotes as the plan price, not necessarily waiting for all three quotes. The statute of limitations for quotation should be taken according to the facts stated in the quotation, at least not less than 30 days from the date of issuance of the quotation.

Regarding the bidding of testing chemicals, due to their compatibility with the testing machine system, the commonly used chemicals are packaged chemicals and these closed chemical testing systems are modern equipment with high accuracy. High precision, can perform many techniques to meet the needs of intensive treatment, high technology suitable for end-line hospitals. The hospital recommends adding specific content or instructions for procurement of testing chemicals compatible with the machine system so that hospitals can have facilities to carry out the procurement or hand it over to the procurement center. national or local centralized bidding, the results are delivered to the hospital for implementation.

With the tender for procurement of supplies and components to replace damaged medical equipment (such as CT scanner lamp head, gastrointestinal endoscope, ultrasound probe…), due to the specific characteristics of materials and components. The replacement must be of the same type and system as the old medical equipment, so it is difficult for the hospital to develop technical requirements. If the hospital specifies the type of equipment, it violates the technical criteria of bidding according to the orientation of contractor appointment. Therefore, the hospital proposes to consider supplementing the written permission to be invited to bid for the right type of medical supplies that need to be repaired or replaced, in order to ensure compatibility with the system.

In the current period, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of bidding packages could not be selected for contractors, unable to carry out bidding work due to many objective factors such as a shortage of human resources to perform the bidding package. , commodity prices increase… In order to quickly have drugs, consumables, other goods for patients and logistics services, the hospital proposes to consider allowing an extension of time. implementing contracts for the previous bidding packages with the form of open bidding, so that the hospital can quickly procure to meet the necessary needs to serve patients.

Finally, the hospital suggested that it be necessary to unify the health insurance payment data for the costs of drugs and consumables with the social insurance agency.

Recently, Cho Ray lacked a number of drugs, especially drugs for people after organ transplant, causing patients to have to buy outside at high prices, not covered by health insurance.

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