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Stress not only causes an imbalance of female hormones and reduces sperm quality, but it also makes it more difficult to conceive.

Many studies show that stress and anxiety in modern life can affect fertility, reducing couples’ chances of having children.

Hormonal imbalance in women

Women are easily stressed by pressure from work and family. A study by the University of Louisville in Kentucky (USA) showed that stress factors greatly affect the ability to become a mother. Specifically, the women participating in the study felt anxiety and stress during the days of ovulation. In particular, on the 14th day of the cycle they will tend to have a 40% lower chance of conceiving compared to mentally normal people.

Women are susceptible to stress because of the pressures of work and family.

According to scientists, prolonged stress will increase levels of the hormone prolactin in women. When overproduced, they stop or slow down ovulation and can cause infertility. In addition, stress also affects the sex life of women, thereby reducing sexual desire.

Decreased sperm quality in men

If stress causes hormone imbalance in women, then according to scientists, when men experience stress, sperm quality will often decrease a lot compared to normal people. Some studies have even shown that if they are under a lot of stress, it increases the risk of DNA breakage and deformed or slower sperm movement.

The cause was determined to be due to the stress that has stimulated the body to produce steroids. This hormone adversely affects spermatogenesis and reduces testosterone levels. In addition, they also affect the erection of the penis, reduce sex drive and can make men lose confidence in their ability to have sex.

How to relieve stress for couples

To increase the ability to conceive, couples should keep their psychological state in balance and comfort. Practice talking to your partner about your feelings and needs, and help your partner feel how you feel. Besides, two people can also exercise together to relax muscles, breathe deeply, meditate… to relax the mind.

Huyen My (According to Medical News Today, Science Daily)


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