Professor Nguyen Tai Thu – A physician’s life loves people

Professor Nguyen Tai Thu, a Vietnamese acupuncturist, was born in the time to identify himself as a compassionate physician, leaving on February 14, leaving grief for many generations.

Professor Thu is a beloved and respectful person called by the name “Golden God” or “Acupuncture King”. His name is not only famous in Vietnam, but all over the world in the field of Oriental medicine, especially acupuncture for healing.

Professor Nguyen Tai Thu was born on April 6, 1931 in a family with a tradition of Confucianism. From a young age, he was exposed to acupuncture. His family shared that, in the years 1945-1946, when the whole Hanoi suffered from bombs and bombs, the professor witnessed many people being injured and killed by the war, with a burning dream of becoming a doctor to heal people.

In 1953, after attending the first year of the Medical University, now the Hanoi Medical University, he was sent to study in China for 6 years specializing in Oriental medicine. In 1958, he graduated from Chinese Oriental medicine doctor, Dr. Tai Thu returned home and worked in many local and military hospitals. In 1967, he studied acupuncture in depth at the office of the Oriental Medicine Association, Tong Dan street, Hanoi. He began to work with needles of different lengths for healing. Professor used to experiment with his body before applying needles to others.

In 1968, the first Vietnamese Acupuncture Association formed from his proposal. Professor Nguyen Tai Thu and his colleagues developed the Vietnam Acupuncture Association. Up to now, the Vietnam Acupuncture Association initiated by him has reached 27,300 members.

Professor Nguyen Tai Thu. Image: Family provided

Professor Thu is the initiator of the neo-acupuncture school – using needles on the patient and the number one master of “bromper”. This technique uses large needles, long needles to pierce from point to point on the same meridian or on two different meridians, the effect of treating pain, paralysis … He used to use needles. length up to 80 cm, contributing to the home medicine industry two methods of acupuncture and drug addiction treatment.

The method of acupuncture and detoxification has been allowed by the Ministry of Health to deploy with an almost absolute detoxification rate, only 5% to 10% relapse. The method has been introduced to nearly 50 countries.

Born in his life, Professor Nguyen Tai Thu claimed to have the biggest asset in his life as dozens of books on acupuncture and Oriental medicine theory such as Tan acupuncture, Research on acupuncture in surgery, hydro acupuncture, acupuncture, apricot blossom. acupuncture, electric acupuncture … passed on to thousands of doctors, doctors later. He opened at least 500 classes, both military medicine and civilian medicine, not only Hanoi but also in Thanh Hoa, Hai Phong, Bac Giang, Kien Giang …

For generations of students, the professor always teaches: “Medicine must be like a mother”. He once shared: “I have the most concern, there are many patients who cannot be cured, not because the technology cannot be cured, but because the doctor is not devoted to the patient. until the end when their hands give up, we can only shed tears. For the medical profession, the physician has to love the patient and help the patient, especially the poor patient “.

All poor patients in remote areas come to him for free treatment. Up to now, many documents have recorded the image of a physician at the age of 86, still giving free treatment to 70 patients daily from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, having lunch with a cup of tea, at the hospital. Central acupuncture. In the afternoon, after finishing work, Professor spends time asking to encourage patients who are being treated at the hospital.

He humbly admits that he only heals out of love for the patient. “Maybe people rely on me to say it can’t be cured. The physician can’t deny it right away. Always think, maybe not, what would happen day and night if possible,” he said.

Professor Nguyen Tai Thu gives acupuncture to patients.  Photo: Documents provided by the family

Professor Nguyen Tai Thu gives acupuncture to patients. Image: Photo tmaterial

The family recounted that the professor identified himself as a crying, emotional person. He once said that the physician loves his patients, but there is a special feeling in him that is difficult to describe. He considers the patient like his family.

In a sharing with the press, the professor told about a case of paralysis of 2 lower limbs, suffering to death. Who expected that particular patient was the son of the President of Iraq. At that time, he felt the ecology of life, that the rich or the poor, the nobility or the impoverished when they were tormented by illness, were both suffering and weak.

Professor Thu affirms that he is very poor physically. He once joked, if he asked him for acupuncture, he would not have any money if he asked for money. This statement he often brought out to admonish his students: “To be a physician, first of all to have a heart easily vibrated by the pain of others, but to be a good physician, you need an intellectual head ‘ .

Professor Nguyen Tai Thu passed away on February 14, 2021, leaving many people mourning.  Photo: VOV

Professor Nguyen Tai Thu passed away on February 14, 2021, leaving many people mourning. Image: VOV

Up to now, most hospitals in the country have acupuncture subjects. The Vietnam Acupuncture Institute, founded by him in 1982, has become a familiar address for acupuncture scientists at home and abroad.

In the last years of his life, Professor continues to contribute through activities at the Vietnam Relief Society. He was conferred the title of People’s Physician and Labor Hero of Vietnam, held the position of Vice President of World Acupuncture Association, Chairman of Vietnam Acupuncture Association and President of Vietnam Relief Society.

On February 14, Professor Nguyen Tai Thu passed away due to his old age, weak strength, and the 90-year-old life expectancy, leaving grief for many people and generations.

Thuy Quynh