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When ejaculation occurs, how semen is produced is a question men often ask.

Ejaculation is the peak of sexual arousal in men, occurring when semen is released from the penis. Before ejaculation occurs, a small amount of substance is secreted first. This substance is made from the Cowper’s glands, two small glands below the prostate gland. Ejaculation is the final stage of sexual intercourse in men.

About 50-65% of semen comes from the seminal vesicles, which are two small glands located above the prostate gland; from 20-30% comes from the prostate gland; the rest is made up of other body fluids. Sperm make semen milky white.

Ejaculation occurs at the time of orgasm. Image: Freepik

During ejaculation, semen is expelled from the penis through the urethra and can secrete an average amount of sperm about 2-3 ml. The average man can only ejaculate once every 1-2 hours and the ability gradually decreases with age.

According to experts, a low sperm count does not mean that your partner will not get pregnant during sex. In fact, conception requires only a small amount of semen. This is why “withdrawal” before orgasm can still lead to pregnancy. If couples are trying to have children but are not satisfied and have doubts about the quality of sperm, they should see a doctor to have a semen analysis to confirm the exact cause.

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