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Pro-Indian-Americans like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris told Trump India’s ‘enemy’

Washington Supporters of Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden and vice-presidential candidate Indian-American Senator Kamala Harris in the presidential election in the US have said that Indian-Americans understand the community best, while US President Donald Trump ‘ There are ‘enemies’ who criticize India on the global stage.

Indian Americans said on Friday that Biden helped the community as a US Senator and Vice President.

The need for an equal opportunity leader
Silicon Valley entrepreneur Ajay Jain Bhutoria said, “After four years of the Trump administration, we know that our children and grandchildren will not have the opportunities that we had.” We need a leader who understands our community, our values, our pride, who appreciates our hard work and gives equal opportunity in our administration and takes our opinion. ”

Bhutoria on Friday, referring to the last presidential debate between Trump and Biden, said the president criticized India on a global stage.

Bhutoria said, “The community understands who is India’s real friend and foe.” Trump is the enemy. Trump said during the debate that you cannot trust the number of cases of Kovid-19 infection in India and India is corrupt. He suspended the H1 visa program, jeopardized trade agreements with India and used friendship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi only as an opportunity to photograph. ”

Biden and Harris have deep ties with Indian-Americans
Bhutoria said, “Biden had celebrated Diwali with Obama (former US President Barack) in the White House”. He said Biden and Harris had a deep bond with Indian-Americans.

Ash Kalra, a member of the California State Assembly, said she had known Harris and her sister Maya for the past two decades. He said that Harris is proud of his Indian heritage. Businessman Ashok Bhatt said that Obama-Biden’s former administration had given priority to India.

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