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Priti Patel will not claim for the post of PM in UK, Rishi Sunak mobilizes support of 20 MPs

Uk’s Pm Race: Former UK finance minister Rishi Sunak has become one of the early candidates for the post of the next prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party, surpassing the support limit of 20 Conservative Party members of parliament for his nomination. have done it.

Sunak, a 42-year-old British Indian MP from Richmond in Yorkshire, is expected to be ahead in the race as nominations formally begin to elect a new prime minister to replace Boris Johnson. Home Minister Priti Patel refused to join the race, saying she was grateful for the encouraging response but focused on her current job as home minister.

What did Priti Patel say on the claim for the post of Prime Minister?
Earlier, there was a strong possibility that like Sunak, Patel of Indian origin could also stake claim for the post of Prime Minister. The 50-year-old cabinet minister of Gujarati origin said that I am not forwarding my name for the voting by the MPs.

He said that as the Home Minister, I have always put the security of my country and national interests above all and my focus is to continuously work in the direction that we have more police on our roads, our excellent security services to our country. Cooperation should be given in keeping it safe and controlling our borders.

…who else is in the race for PM?
The leaders have till 6 pm local time to file nominations for this post. In this race are Indian-origin Attorney General Suella Braverman, Foreign Minister Liz Truss, Nigerian-born Kemi Badenok, former Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, Transport Minister Grant Shepps, Foreign Office official Rehman Chishti and former Health Minister Sajid Javid.

The new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom will be elected on 5 September and he will face the initial questions before the Prime Minister in Parliament on 7 September. The first phase of voting by Tory lawmakers is to take place on Wednesday. After the second phase of polling on Thursday, the last two candidates will be selected in a phased manner.

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