Prison draws closer for Lucas Hernandez, sentenced in Spain for domestic violence

French footballer Lucas Hernandez, sentenced to six months in prison for failing to comply with a removal measure after domestic violence, appeared on Monday, October 18 in front of a Madrid court and has until October 28 to enter voluntarily in prison, unless his appeal is accepted.

Taking the press by surprise, the Bayern Munich player introduced himself “Voluntarily at 11:30 am today (Monday), one day before its convocation” in court, in order to be notified of his detention order, the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJ) said in a statement.

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the “Ten day period for entering prison voluntarily” fixed by justice therefore runs from this Monday and expires “October 28”, according to the TSJ. The French international, who appealed, still hopes to be able to escape prison if the justice responds favorably to his appeal before that date. The case initially dates back to February 3, 2017, the date of a violent couple’s argument.

The player and his companion sentenced in 2017

The one who is not yet world champion with the Blues, then aged 21, and his companion Amelia Lorente had come to blows, exchanging blows and scratches in front of their home in Madrid at dawn. She had hit and scratched him before scratching his car with a key, while the player punched her in the ribs, back, jaw and lips. They had both been sentenced at the end of February 2017 to the same sentence by a court in Madrid for “domestic violence”: 31 days of community service accompanied by a six-month ban on approaching less than 500 meters l ‘to each other and communicate.

Arrested in return for honeymoon

But four months later, in June, when they both returned from their honeymoon in the United States where they were married, the player is arrested at Madrid airport for not having respected this measure of remoteness. Incongruously: his wife, with whom he had since had a child born in 2018, had not been arrested because this measure had not yet been formally notified to him.

Placed a few hours in police custody, the footballer, who was playing at Atlético Madrid at the time, was finally sentenced, in 2019, to six months in prison. He had appealed but his appeal was rejected last week by a court in Madrid which demanded his imprisonment and refused to adjust his sentence, as is usually the case in Spain for people sentenced to less than two years in prison. and having a clean criminal record.

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“Repeat offender”

The court in fact stressed that the footballer was a “Repeat offender” due to this 2017 conviction for “A crime of injury in the context of domestic violence” and the one that followed in 2019 for non-compliance with the expulsion measure but also with a “Other conviction” for ” domestic violence “, dictated by a court in Mostoles, a city on the outskirts of Madrid.

The court of Mostoles refused to communicate on this last file of which we do not know the date of the facts and if it concerns the same Amelia Lorente. A judicial source, however, indicated that the sentence in this case had been firm since May 2018 and therefore had to be pronounced at least two years before, that is to say in 2016.

This case is a thorn in the side of the defender of Bayern Munich, the most expensive player in the history of the club and the entire Bundesliga, transferred from Atlético to Bayern in the summer of 2019 for 80 million euros.

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And after Benjamin Mendy (accused of four rapes and a sexual assault), who will be tried in January 2022 in England, and Karim Benzema (complicity in attempted blackmail), whose trial begins Wednesday in Paris, she could also upset the plans of the France team in view of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (21 November-18 December 2022).

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