Prioritize the use of Vietnamese branded IT products and services

In order to promote the use of Vietnamese-branded IT products and services, the Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Information and Communications to preside over and coordinate with relevant units to organize the program “Vietnamese branded IT products and services”. (Make in Vietnam)”.

E-commerce application expands domestic and foreign markets

On October 26, the Prime Minister issued Directive 28 on strengthening the implementation of the campaign “Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods”.

Specifically, the Prime Minister requested ministries, branches and localities to thoroughly grasp and strictly implement Directive 03 dated May 19 by the Secretariat on strengthening the leadership of the Party for the Campaign ” Vietnamese people prioritize using Vietnamese goods” (referred to as the Campaign) in the new situation.

The Prime Minister also directed the ministries, branches, localities and relevant agencies to step up the work of information, propaganda and advocacy so that domestic and foreign consumers know, understand and properly evaluate the quality of the product. products, goods, services, production and business capabilities. Continue to implement appropriate solutions to encourage, orient consumption and mobilize people to actively use Vietnamese goods.

Diversify propaganda activities about the campaign in various forms and with appropriate content to agencies, units and socio-political organizations, in order to encourage and prioritize the purchase of Vietnamese goods when have the need to purchase with funds from the state budget.

Along with that, continue to propagate and mobilize Vietnamese businesses to be aware of the role, benefits and effectiveness of participating in the Campaign, responsibility for improving the quality and competitiveness of products and goods. goods and services; fulfill commitments to protect the interests of consumers.

To step by step build, protect and develop brands for Vietnamese products and goods not only in the domestic market but also step by step reaching out to regional and international markets; to mobilize domestic enterprises, producers and traders, when implementing projects and works, to prioritize the procurement and use of domestically produced machinery, equipment, supplies and raw materials and service domestic service quality assurance.

Applying e-commerce in expanding domestic and foreign markets is one of the tasks the Prime Minister requires ministries, branches and localities to focus on in the coming time.

Regularly and promptly announce the list of newly promulgated technical regulations and national standards; official information on market developments and prices of essential commodities, especially domestically produced goods, on the mass media.

Relevant ministries, branches, localities and agencies are also required to review policies, step up support for businesses in trade promotion activities, and stimulate consumption of Vietnamese goods; establish distribution channels for goods, develop the domestic market; e-commerce application in domestic and foreign market expansion; inspect and control the market; strengthen consumer protection activities.

Organize the program of IT products and services “Make in Vietnam”

Also in Directive 28, the Prime Minister has assigned specific tasks to relevant ministries, branches, localities and agencies.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is required to organize the effective implementation of the Strategy for Domestic Trade Development for the period to 2030, with a Vision to 2045, and the Project on Developing the Domestic Market in association with the “People’s Campaign”. Vietnam gives priority to using Vietnamese goods” in the 2021-2025 period.

Effectively implement programs and projects to promote trade promotion, develop supporting industries, and enhance the application of science and technology to improve productivity and competitiveness for Vietnamese enterprises; supporting Vietnamese businesses in digital transformation through e-commerce applications to expand the market by modern distribution channels, combined with electronic payment and modern transportation….

With the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Prime Minister assigned the task of presiding over and coordinating with the Central Committee for Propaganda, the Central Steering Committee of the Campaign and relevant agencies to direct the media and press agencies to develop the to set up regular programs and categories to promote Vietnamese products and goods; provide timely, accurate and objective information on the implementation of the Campaign of all sectors and levels.

Coordinate with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to develop and implement communication programs about products and goods of Vietnamese enterprises. To assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant agencies in, developing a plan to strengthen and promote information and communication about the campaign for overseas Vietnamese.

The Prime Minister directed to promote the use of Vietnamese-branded IT products and services (Photo: Manh Hung)

The Ministry of Information and Communications was also assigned to lead and coordinate with relevant units to organize the annual “Make in Vietnam” program to promote the prioritization of products. and Vietnamese brand IT services; supporting and creating markets for investment and procurement of IT products and services for Vietnamese enterprises, contributing to building, protecting and developing Vietnamese brands in IT.

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for guiding, urging, inspecting and supervising the implementation of the provisions of law on procurement of assets and goods by agencies and units from the state budget, ensuring meet the objectives and requirements of the Campaign.

One of the tasks of the People’s Committees of the provinces and centrally-run cities is to review, abolish and reduce administrative procedures to create conditions for production, circulation, distribution of goods and consumption, focusing on building develop and promulgate mechanisms and policies to support and encourage businesses in the area to develop production and business, distribution service system to bring Vietnamese goods to rural, remote and isolated areas to create favorable conditions for the local businesses. conditions for consumers to access, choose to shop and use Vietnamese branded goods.

Van Anh

Announcement of industrial database system ICT Make in Vietnam

Announcement of industrial database system ICT Make in Vietnam

The ICT Make in Vietnam industrial database system at has just been announced. Reflecting fully, accurately and in a timely manner the panorama of the industry, the system will support the management and promote the development of Vietnam’s ICT industry.


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