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Princess Diana’s Ford Escort car sold for a record 50 thousand pounds

The Ford escort car of Diana, the late mother of the Princess of Wales and Britain’s future monarch Prince William, has been sold for £50,000. Comparing in US dollars, this car has been sold for $ 69,200 while in Indian rupees this car is sold for 1,25,87,718 crores. The silver 1.6L Ghia saloon car was gifted to the Princess of Wales by Prince Charles during an engagement two months before the wedding. The grand wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles took place in 1981 at St. Cathedral in London. This car of Diana has been bought by the South American Museum. 

This car was first auctioned in 1982
This car was first auctioned in 1982 was. In this auction, an antique dealer bought this car for 6000 pounds. After this the car was bought by a telephone bidder for 52,640 pounds. This also included sales tax and buyer’s premium. Lewis Rabett of Reeman Dansie Auctions in South England has said that the South American Museum made the highest bid in the auction of this car. A lot of people had shown interest in buying this car before the auction. There will be a worldwide interest in this car after it is bought by the American Museum. 

Still British number plate
Diana’s car still has British number plate is. Its number is WEV 297W. The speedometer clock of the car shows 133,575 km running. This car was expected to be sold for 30 to 40 thousand pounds but it sold for many times more than this. Diana died in 1997 in a speeding car. She was driving the car at a very high speed in a long tunnel to avoid the photographers. At that time Diana was only 36 years old. On Thursday, both sons of Prince Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry, unveiled a statue of her at their London home, Kingston Palace. This day was Diana’s 60th birth anniversary.   

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