“Prince” Samsung has the first direction after bars

22/01/2021 00:31 GMT + 7

With his successor Lee Jae-yong jailed, there is speculation that Samsung will not keep the corporation’s Compliance Monitoring Committee the same. However, Mr. Lee’s first instruction from prison confirmed the opposite.

Lee Jae-yong, Samsung’s heir and de facto head, has just announced that he will continue to maintain the group’s Compliance Monitoring Committee, in its first message from prison.

“Lee said he would continue to support the Compliance Monitoring Committee activities, and also asked the committee members to keep their current affairs,” said the Korean conglomerate in the statement. .

“Crown Prince” Lee Jae-yong has just announced that he will continue to maintain the Samsung Group’s Compliance Monitoring Committee, in the first message sent out from prison.

Samsung established the above independent committee in February 2020, to oversee the compliance with the law and corporate ethical standards. This is also done by the Seoul High Court asking Samsung to do it from October 2019.

Inside Samsung has put a lot of hope that the establishment of the committee will help “Prince” Lee Jae-yong enjoy a probation. However, the South Korean court held that Samsung’s compliance committee was not enough to act as a relief for Lee.

Lee Jae-yong was sentenced to two and a half years in prison by the Seoul High Court on Monday, during the re-trial of former President Park Geun-hye bribery case. In 2017, Mr. Lee was sentenced to 5 years in prison, but released in 2018 after the Seoul High Court reduced his sentence.

With top leadership jailed, there is speculation that Samsung will not maintain the same compliance committee. Lee Jae-yong’s latest message, however, reaffirms his commitment to promoting a “new Samsung”, improving its culture of compliance.

During a press conference last year, Lee Jae-yong emphasized that compliance with the law is the value that cannot be harmed, and that the commission will operate independently without disruption even after a legal battle. his end.

It is reported that Samsung’s compliance committee is scheduled to hold its first meeting of the year, with presentations by 7 member companies.

Hero(According to Korea Times)

Samsung plans a plan for

Samsung plans a plan for “Crown Prince” Lee Jae-yong to run the group behind bars

Some sources claim that “Crown Prince” Lee Jae-yong can still operate Samsung while in prison, by receiving summary reports, although many industry experts confirm the level of involvement from behind bars. there are certainly limitations.


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