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Prince Harry said- he is worried that history is repeating itself, know what fear you are talking about

Prince Harry, who was shocked last year by saying that he and his wife Megan want to live their lives apart from the royal family, said during an interview with the famous TV anchor opera Winfrey that they were worried about repeating history. CBS Broadcast Network released two brief clips from Winfrey’s interview of Harry and Megan which are scheduled to air on March 7. This is Harry and Megan’s first TV interview after separating from the royal family and settling in California. According to the excerpts released on Sunday, the fear that Prince Harry has expressed is shocking.

Mother expressed fear over referring to Princess Diana

Harry said, “My biggest concern was repeating history for myself.” He referred to his mother Princess Diana, stating that he was persistently pursued by the British press and that he died at the age of 36 in a car accident in Paris after his divorce from Prince Charles. During the interview, 36-year-old Harry was seated next to 39-year-old Megan and Harry held Megan’s hand. The couple announced that this month they are expecting their second child.

Harry expressed happiness about being with him

Harry said, “I am very relieved and happy to be sitting with my wife talking to you. I can’t imagine what it would have been like for her (Diana), who was royal in previous years Was going through a process of separation from the family. ” Harry said, “It’s incredibly difficult for both of us, but at least we have each other.”

Before they went to California, the couple complained to a British tabloid, in which news about Megan’s treatment was published. It was said that Megan’s father is white and mother is African-American. Some of these words were pointing to racism. Earlier this month, Buckingham Palace announced that the couple would not return to life as working members of the royal family.

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