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Prince Harry and Megan will not return as executive members of the royal family: Buckingham Palace

Prince Harry and his wife Princess Megan Merkle of Sussex will not return as working members of Britain’s royal family. This information was given by Buckingham Palace on Friday. In a statement issued by Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, the palace said that the prince and princess had conveyed their decision to the queen. The time for completion of one year of the initial announcement of breaking the relationship with the monarchy is being completed next month.

The 94-year-old Empress wrote to her about the decision and said that on her return, all her honorary military appointments and posts of the monarchy would be distributed among the other working members of the royal family. A statement issued by Buckingham Palace said, “The Prince and Princess of Sussex have confirmed to the Queen that they are not returning as executive members of the royal family.”

It says, “After the dialogue with the prince, the Queen wrote a letter informing her that it would not be possible for her to continue the responsibilities and duties of public life due to being away from the functions of the royal family.” Honorary military appointments and royal posts of prince and princess will be returned to the Queen and then distributed among the working members of the royal family.

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