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Prince Harry and Megan Merkel Reveal on Second Child, Said- Will Be Daughter

America: Prince of Britain ‘Duke of Sussex’ will be the second child daughter of Harry and his wife ‘Duchess of Sussex’ Megan Merkel. The couple revealed this in an interview to Oprah Winfrey. This interview was aired on Sunday night.

I respect my grandmother a lot – Prince Harry

Harry and Megan also have a son, who will be two years old in May. Harry said, “As a child, what could you want more than having a son and then a daughter?” Now we are a family. All four of us and our two pet dogs. “Harry dismissed reports of him and Merkel’s decision to relinquish royal duties, and said that this step was taken after several conversations.” He said, “I did not give a blow to my grandmother.” I respect him a lot. ”

There were many questions on the color of the child- Megan

Also, he told that his father Prince Charles has now stopped picking up his phone. At the same time, Merkel reported that she had begun to feel suicidal after marrying Harry and that the Palace prevented her from seeking help in this regard. He told a senior official of the royal family when he told her of mental health When he needs help, he tells them that it is not good for the family. Megan also told that when she got pregnant for the first time, there were many questions about the color of her upcoming baby. However, he refused to name the person who spoke to Harry.

He said that revealing the name could be “quite damaging”. Harry and Megan married in May 2018 at Windsor Castle. His son Archie was born in 2019. Megan also reported abortion in July 2020. The couple left the royal family and are living in North America.

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