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Prime Minister Boris Johnson was furious after watching the video of his staff, joking about the lockdown party

PM Boris Johnson Fire Over Video: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was furious after a video of his senior aides surfaced. In fact, in this video, these senior aides of Boris Johnson were making fun of holding a Christmas party in Downing Street last year, when crowds and social gatherings were banned under Kovid rules.

It is to be known that this government has been repeatedly accused of violating the guidelines issued during the lockdown. Health Minister Matt Hancock had to lose his chair for violating the Kovid rules in Britain. The health minister resigned in June after it was revealed that he had broken corona rules during a relationship with a close female colleague.

making jokes about imaginary party

Video obtained from broadcaster ITV News. Video shows Boris Johnson’s press secretary Allegra Stratton, advisor Ed Oldfeed and other staff joking about a ‘fantasy party’ during a rehearsal press conference on December 22 last year, when no media were present . Actually, it was a business meeting and social distancing was not taken care of in it. During this, Allegra Stratton laughs jokingly about the cheese and wine exchange.

Significantly, during this time strict corona restrictions were imposed in London and indoor social gatherings of two or more people were also banned. Regarding this video, Downing Street has replied that no Christmas party was organized then. During that time the Kovid rules were followed.

Labor Party leader Keir Sturmer criticized

Opposition Labor Party leader Keir Sturmer has criticized the government for this. He called it shameful. With a link to the video, Keir Sturmer tweeted, “People across the country were following the Kovid rules, then these people were doing it. People had a right to expect that the government was also following the rules. It is shameful to lie and laugh at lies. We have a Prime Minister who keeps social distancing from the truth.”

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