Pride and Prejudice: the story of a timeless TV adaptation

DECRYPTION – Chérie 25 completes the replay of the BBC miniseries based on the work of Jane Austen. Released in 1995, it made Colin Firth an idol and forever changed the face of fiction in English costume.

Twenty-five and no wrinkles unlike Friends. No matter what reruns, the BBC’s adaptation ofPride and Prejudice remains a delight. From Arte to Chérie 25, the French channels regularly review the sentimental tribulations of the Bennet sisters in England at the beginning of the 19th century.e century. The cult status of its six episodes is such that they have supplanted the novel by Jane Austen in the collective imagination, notes Deborah Cartmell, author of the essay Jane Austen: the relationship between text and screen. Many of his students have closed the book, disappointed not to find there this moment when the taciturn Mr. Darcy drops the frock coat and the jacket and forgets his torments while swimming in a lake.

This scene sums up the visionary genius of screenwriter Andrew Davies. Faithful to Jane Austen’s social satire, which denounced the narrow-mindedness of her contemporaries and the unenviable feminine condition of her time, Davies renders the ridiculousness of this community, obsessed with social status.

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