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Presidential 2022: several high schools blocked in Paris before the second round

High school students mobilized on Tuesday April 19 in Paris. They blocked establishments to make their voices heard between two rounds of the presidential election and to alert on the far right and ecological or social issues, in the wake of the student movement launched last week.

“There is a call for mobilization for this day”confirmed the rectorate of Paris, estimating at around five the number of high schools concerned in Paris shortly before 11:00 a.m. “At this hour, there is no violence. Some sites remain filtering, others blocking”in particular the Louis-le-Grand high school, he said.

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In front of this prestigious high school, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, 150 to 200 high school students blocked the entrance in the middle of the morning in a good-natured atmosphere. Perched on garbage cans, young people shouted: “Social justice, climate justice”, “Down with the State, the cops and the fachos”or “And everyone hates Marine Le Pen”. Signs posted in front of the school read: “Youth piss off the FN”Where “We don’t like anything, we want everything”.

“We want a third social round”

“We are fed up with the fascist state. We are here against Marine Le Pen, against fascism, for the climate and against capitalism.said Jules, 15, a high school student in Louis-le-Grand, perched on a trash can with a megaphone. “We blocked all entrances. We’re going to stay here as long as possible.”.

In front of the Lavoisier high school, also in the Latin Quarter, around fifty high school students were gathered, some on trash cans, claiming to only let teachers and students from preparatory classes enter. “It’s a continuation of what happened at the Sorbonne. We want a third social round, because the two qualified candidates in the second round do not have a social or ecological project ”explained Hollis, 17. “We want to breathe new life into this Fifth Republic which is a bit at the end of its course”.

In the same district, momentary actions had taken place earlier in the morning in front of the Henri-IV and Fénelon high schools. In front of the Lamartine high school (9th), a hundred young people also blocked the entrance to the establishment.


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