Presidential 2022: “maybe” a common radio and TV morning during the campaign, says the president of Radio France

Sybile Veil, President of Radio France. (FRANCEINFO SCREENSHOT)

On September 1, 2016, the global media franceinfo was born, resulting from the alliance between the public groups Radio France, France Télévisions, France Médias Monde and the National Audiovisual Institute. The four companies joined forces to create a TV channel on DTT channel 27, a website and a mobile application, to complete the offer that Franceinfo radio has been offering for almost 35 years.

Five years later, the digital platform receives 3.3 million unique visitors each day on average, it is the most consulted information platform. Franceinfo radio ranks third in France with 4.8 million listeners per day. It remains to gain audiences on television: the channel has a 0.7% audience share, far behind its rivals and in particular BFMTV (2.9%).

For Sibyle Veil, president of Radio France, it’s a success: “We have succeeded in building a trusted media because we share a common vision on the importance of the quality of information. We saw during the health crisis how fake news can be dangerous, it could also be during the presidential campaign. Joining forces to provide verified information seems essential to me.

Our difference will be to strengthen the fight against disinformation and fake news.

Sibyle Veil

on franceinfo

Radio France will make the Agence Franceinfo, which checks all information before it is broadcast on the air, available to its partners. Same thing with the investigation unit of Radio France (at the origin of the revelation of the Pegasus affair this summer). Conversely, the antennae of the Maison de la Radio will benefit from the work of the France Télévisions cell to verify videos to flush out false images.

Franceinfo’s other priority for the presidential election is to provide rigorous and impartial information: “No debates that hysterize and divide the French even more. We do not bring opinions but expertise with guests whose authority is recognized. We are very vigilant on the choice of experts to whom we give the floor and on pluralism. “

This electoral campaign will also be an opportunity to test new links: “Maybe this will be a good time to have great morning shows together on the radio and on TV“, confides Sibyle Veil. In the meantime, several radio events are also being broadcast on channel 27, such as the 8:30 am franceinfo by Marc Fauvelle and Salhia Brakhlia, Les Informés du matin et du soir, or The eco interview at 5:50 pm .

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