Presidential 2022: Emmanuel Macron retains the 2017 strategy



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On the Whirlpool file, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, confessed to the former workers of the Amiens factory (Sum) Monday, November 22 that he had also been fooled.

We have sometimes been taken for fools. We sometimes got tricked collectively“, admitted Emmanuel Macron in front of the former workers of the factory Whirlpool from Amiens (Sum). It shows que, unfortunately, goodwill is not enough“, added the President of the Republic theundi November 22, in hint to the succession of bankruptcies of the buyers of this industrial siteel, at the heart of the 2017 presidential campaign and its duel with Marine Le Pen (RN). President recognize the impotence of the State, which it cannot do everything, a phrase that Prime Minister Lionel Jospin used in 2000 and which cost him dearly during the 2002 presidential election, recalls journalist Jean- Baptiste Marteau on franceinfo Monday evening.

During this trip to Amiens, Xavier Bertrand, the president of Hauts-de-France, presidential candidate, was present. He mentioned a head of state “above ground who does not understand the French well”. Faced with this posture, Emmanuel Macron speaks of pragmatism, accuses the right of demagoguery and tries to convince that his strategy of “at the same time” of 2017 can still work to lead France. It’s risky, but the only possible tactic, in the eyes of Emmanuel Macron, to be re-elected.


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