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President Xi Jinping ordered preparation for ‘action in second’, Chinese army started firing in Ladakh

Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered his soldiers to be ready for war and prepare for such action to take place in seconds. This order has been given by Jinping, the supreme commander of the three armies, at a time when India and the United States are going on a war with China.

Following this order of the Chinese President, the soldiers of the Chinese Army People’s Liberation Army started preparing for war in the Tibet Autonomous Region, a short distance from the Indian soldiers posted on the LAC. Chinese government media Global Times has shared a video of PLA soldiers doing military exercises. In this video, PLA personnel are seen firing at a height of 5000 meters and practicing by raining bombs.

President Xi Jinping ordered preparation for war

As the new amended law that extends the powers of the armed forces in China comes into effect from this year, President Xi Chinping has asked the army to strengthen training and remain alert to further enhance its combat skills. Official media here reported on Tuesday that Xi (67), head of the Central Military Commission (CMC) as well as the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP), signed the first order of the commission for 2021 in which the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) And in the training of the People’s Armed Police Force, the priorities are listed. CMC is the high command of an army of 20 lakh military personnel.

In this new order, the armed forces have been instructed to take Xi Jinping’s thinking of socialism as its guiding principle with Chinese specialties in the new era and to follow Xi’s ideas in terms of strengthening military and military strategies.

In 2018, Jinning issued a similar order

According to the news of the official newspaper China Daily, it has been said that the CCP will increase its guidance on the training of the army and has also appealed to the army to focus on improving its combat skills and to continue improving its training system. The first such order was issued in January 2018, when Xi addressed a huge training program at a shooting range in northern China. According to the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Past, in the midst of the first military training and exercises of the year started by the forces on Monday, Xi said that the PLA should be ready for ‘any moment action’.

After becoming Commander in Chief in 2012, emphasis on combat readiness

The newspaper quoted the Chinese president as saying, “The (PLA) should incorporate new tools, new energy power into training and combat systems.” Xi became Commander-in-Chief in late 2012 and has since served for the armed forces. The importance of combat readiness training and joint operations has been repeatedly emphasized. In his order this year, he said that the army should train its officers and soldiers in the real war scenario, pay more attention to research on war and military operations, increase the effectiveness of the exercises, increase the emergency exercises, keep the high alert so that the soldiers Always ready for any military action.

It states that priority should be given to training and exercises for joint operations and the army should intensify inter-service training to improve integrated joint combat capability. According to it, commanders need to improve their units’ ability to use more scientific and technical training in training and use high technology hardware and technologies.

This year 2021 is the fourth consecutive year when Xi has issued a training order for the army on behalf of the Central Military Commission as the first instruction of the year. This revised national defense law came into effect from January 1 this year, which expanded the power of the armed forces led by Xi to deploy military and civil resources to protect national interests at home and abroad.

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