President Trump: Big Tech is dividing America

13/01/2021 09:51 GMT + 7

US President Donald Trump blamed major tech firms for dividing the country, days after Twitter and Facebook permanently banned him on their platforms for the Capitol Hill riots.

President Trump asserted that Big Tech made a “catastrophic” mistake. (Photo: CNBC)

Speaking to reporters before departing for Texas, Trump said: “I think Big Tech is doing a terrible thing for our country and for our country. And I believe it will be a catastrophic mistake for them. They are dividing (us) ”.

He also warned there would be a move against the actions Big Tech took but did not mention specifically.

Last week, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon all made the most drastic moves ever before the US President. They cite the possibility of continued violence stemming from Trump posts after a group of extremists swept into Capitol Hill, home to the US government headquarters, killing five.

Apple, Google and Amazon also suspended Parler – a “pro-Trump” application where users threaten more violent acts – from the application stores and Web hosting services. This angered Mr. Trump and vowed to “not be silent” and promised “important announcement” soon.

President Trump repeatedly clashed with big technology businesses and wanted to strip Article 230, their “protective shield”. Article 230 allows companies to be not responsible for the content that the user posts. He continued to request the abolition of this law, but his appeal was not enough to receive support from the National Assembly.

He even vetoed the $ 740 billion defense bill for not including an overturn of Article 230.

Du Lam (According to Reuters)

Facebook has no plans to lift the ban on President Trump

Facebook has no plans to lift the ban on President Trump

Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg said the social network had no plans to lift the ban on US President Donald Trump’s accounts.


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