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President Joe Biden had a sore throat during the press conference, later said – ‘Just a cold’

US President Joe Biden: US President Joe Biden looks ill during a press conference tomorrow. In fact, during the press conference in the White House, Biden’s voice sounded heavy, while he also coughed several times before the reporters’ question. Seeing his ill health, a journalist first asked, “Are you well?” In response to this question, the President said, “I am fine”. He assured journalists that he had a cold only because of playing with his grandson.

Biden said that he is getting corona tests done every day and the results of those tests are also coming negative. He said, “I have a one-and-a-half-year-old grandson, who had a cold, he kisses me often. But it is not a virus infection, just a cold.”

In fact, on the one hand, where the new variant of the corona virus has once again stirred the world. At the same time, due to the arrival of winter season, there is a possibility of seeing a hike in the cases of infection. Especially when Americans celebrate Christmas with great fanfare at the end of the year and on this day gather to meet each other at parties or get together.

Thanksgiving holidays with family

79-year-old President Joe Biden spent the Thanksgiving holiday with his family only last week. He is the oldest president ever elected in the United States, so special attention is paid to his health. Earlier in November, he had a routine checkup, after which White House doctor Kevin O’Connor said that the president was “perfectly healthy”.

negative corona test

After Biden’s press conference on Friday, Dr. O’Connor confirmed that Biden is experiencing some nasal problems (cold, cold) this week. The doctor said that the President was tested for 19 common respiratory diseases, including three tests for COVID-19 and all tests were negative.

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