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President Joe Biden directs 9/11 attack documents to be removed from confidential list

US President Joe Biden has directed the removal of some documents related to the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 (9/11) from the secret list. This decision of the government will prove to be helpful for the families of the victims of this attack who have long been demanding records regarding their allegations against the Saudi Arabian government. On September 11 this year, 20 years of this terrorist attack are going to be completed. Just a week before this, President Joe Biden’s order has come.

For the past several years, the families of the victims of this terrorist attack were demanding to make these documents public. Due to which there was a conflict between the families of the victims and the government. Biden on Friday directed the documents to be removed from the confidential list and promised that his administration would “continue to respectfully engage with members of this community.”

This incident is still fresh in the memory of the American people.

It has been said in the official order that this tragic incident that happened two decades ago is still fresh in American history and in the memory of Americans. Therefore, it is an attempt to ensure that transparency is further enhanced. The order directed the Justice Department and other executive branch agencies to begin a review of the removal of certain records from the confidential list and require that the declassified documents be released within the next six months.

Let us tell you that a long-pending trial in federal court in New York has urged the Saudi government and its officials to hold them accountable, accusing them of providing aid to the plane hijackers before the incident.

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