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President Biden’s address after military withdrawal from Afghanistan, said – will continue to fight terror

Afghanistan Crisis: In his address after the complete withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden said that those who want to harm America will have to pay the price. He fully justified the decision to withdraw the army. He praised the courage of the country’s military.

Joe Biden said, “I want to say clearly to those who want to harm America or who engage in terrorism against us or allies, the United States of America will never rest. We will not forgive, we will not forget.” . We will hunt you down and you will pay the ultimate price.”

The President said that the success of this evacuation (from Afghanistan) was due to the selfless courage of our army. He risked his life to serve others ‘not in a mission of war but in a mission of mercy’. Never in history has any country done this, only America did it.

Joe Biden said the decision to end the US military presence in Afghanistan was based on the unanimous recommendation of the people, military advisers, service chiefs and commanders. He said, “I take responsibility for the decision. Some people say that we should have started it sooner. I respectfully disagree. If it had happened earlier, it would have led to a flurry or a civil war.”

The President said that without the presence of America on the ground, we will continue to combat terrorism in Afghanistan and other countries. He said, “I believe it is ‘right decision, wise decision and best decision’. The war in Afghanistan is now over. I’m the fourth president to face this issue to end this war… I made a commitment to Americans to end this war, I respected that.”

Joe Biden said, “Leaving August 31 is not because of an arbitrary deadline, it was designed to save American lives. My predecessor, the former president, signed an agreement with the Taliban to withdraw American troops by May 1. was signed.” Significantly, Joe Biden had said that by August 31, there would be a complete withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. This mission was completed on August 30, 24 hours before the scheduled deadline.

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