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Preparation of fourth dose of corona vaccine in America, this is Pfizer’s plan for the elderly

The war against the corona epidemic is still going on around the world. Meanwhile, Pfizer has sought approval for the fourth dose of the vaccine in the US. This move of Pfizer is about providing additional protection to the elderly to protect them from the risk of corona epidemic infection. Pfizer and BioNTech announced on Tuesday that they have formally asked the United States drug regulator for emergency approval of a second booster shot of their COVID vaccine for people 65 and older. The companies told the media that their request is based on two Israeli studies showing that an additional mRNA booster strengthens the immune system and is capable of reducing the rate of serious infections.

Preparation of additional booster doses for the elderly

People over 65 years of age who are most affected by the corona epidemic will get the fourth dose of the vaccine to prevent infection. Because so far after giving two doses of vaccine, a booster dose is given. After the Omicron wave, there has been a decline in corona cases in many countries. In some countries, the rate of infection has increased very rapidly due to the removal of restrictions or weakening of vaccine protection. According to Pfizer and BioNTech, the Israeli study showed that the rate of infections was 2 times lower in people taking the additional booster dose and the rate of serious illness was 4 times lower in those individuals.

Antibody levels higher in booster doses

The analysis was limited to people 60 years of age and older who took their second booster dose four months after their first. In the second study, an analysis of Israeli health workers aged 18 years and older showed that antibody levels in those who received the second booster were significantly higher than those who did not. The companies reported that the study found no new safety concerns in people who received additional booster doses of the vaccine.

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