Pregnant woman with Covid-19 recovers after 28 days of ICU treatment

HanoiPatient 78672, 26 years old, is a medical staff, hospitalized at 29 weeks pregnant, discharged on August 25 after 28 days of intensive care treatment (ICU).

She was taken to the Emergency Department, Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases on July 28, after 6 days of treatment at the grassroots level, gradually worsening. At this time, she coughed a lot, had difficulty breathing, and HFNC high-flow oxygen did not respond. The patient was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit on July 29.

The treating doctor said that the patient’s lung function had severely declined and had to maintain vasopressors and monitor the cytokine storm. The patient was assigned to dialysis to absorb cytokines, closely monitor the fetal status.

By August 10, the patient’s condition had not improved, the patient had a lot of phlegm, the doctor assigned emergency tracheostomy at the bed, intensive respiratory care. Patients are also combined with parenteral nutrition with nasogastric tube feeding to ensure adequate nutrition for both mother and child.

On August 19, after 23 days of mechanical ventilation, the patient was awake, weaned off the ventilator and successfully removed the endotracheal tube, and transferred oxygen through the glasses. In the following days, she practiced respiratory rehabilitation and movement at bed.

On August 25, she had a total of 28 days of intensive care, 7 times of dialysis. The patient’s health recovered, the fetus was healthy, tested negative for nCoV many times, and was discharged from the hospital.

This is the 52nd critical Covid-19 patient recovering at the ICU, Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases since the beginning of the fourth outbreak. Currently, the department is also treating 33 serious patients, including 22 mechanical ventilation cases and 6 ECMO cases.

Female patient 78672 takes a photo with medical staff at the Intensive Care Unit, Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases on August 25. Photo: Hospital provides



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