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Prachanda remembers support from India amidst political turmoil in Nepal

Communist leader and former Prime Minister Pushpakmal Dahal Prachanda has expressed his hope for help from India amidst the ongoing discord in Nepal. Prachanda called India’s silence unnatural on Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s decision to dissolve the delegation and urged all countries that are supportive of the democratic process in Nepal.

In an interview to Kantipur TV in Nepal, Prachanda said that India’s definite moral support in the peace process of Nepal, the process of establishing a federal democratic republic is recorded in history. But in the time of such crisis, the silence of India seems somewhat unnatural.

It is important that the Indian government has tried to show a safe distance from the political turmoil going on in Nepal. Recently, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Anurag Shrivastava said that we have paid attention to the recent political developments in Nepal. These are internal matters of Nepal according to its democratic processes. As a neighbor, India will continue to support Nepal and its people in moving forward on the path of peace, prosperity and development. “

In fact, India’s political advantage is currently linked to stopping China’s growing dominance in Nepal. If communist forces in Nepal are united under Chinese influence, then this will affect India’s interests only. Therefore, there is no opposition to India at present for the split in the Nepali Communist Party or the growing exercise towards new elections. However, there is also an attempt to show this neutral reaction of India as a silent support for Prime Minister Oli in the political corridors of Nepal.

Prachanda also pointed this out in his interview and said that at times, silence is also considered as support, in such a way that India’s silence against the decisions of Prime Minister Oli only supports him. We expect moral support from friendly democratic countries like India who are supportive of democracy in Nepal. However, it is another matter that Prachanda, who has held the post of Prime Minister twice in Nepal, has been using political tools of anti-India in full power while in power.

Meanwhile, Prachanda paid a lot of attention to expressing his expectations from India and sarcasm on the Oli government. But in the midst of the political crisis, questions related to your meeting and support with the Chinese delegation were deftly avoided. On the questions raised about this, he said that China wants stability in Nepal and unity in the Communist Party. But our expectation and appeal is from India, which has played a supporting role in establishing Nepal’s democratic process.

Former Ambassador of India to Kathmandu Ranjit Ray says that this kind of open interference in Chinese Nepalese politics is quite shocking. There was a lot of politics in Nepal at every step of India. But such political activism of China and sending such a delegation in Nepal’s internal affairs is definitely going to raise concerns.

Significantly, after the Oli government’s decision to dissolve the House of Representatives, Tabardtod sent a high-level team to Nepal. The team met the President in Nepal to PM Oli and angry leaders like Prachanda and Madhav Nepal and the leaders of the opposition Nepali Congress. Earlier, China’s Ambassador to Nepal, Hou Yanxi, has also represented his strong efforts for unity in the party.

It should be noted that Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli dissolved the House of Representatives in the past due to the long standing tension in the Communist Party of Nepal. Madhav Nepal and Prachanda’s displeasure at the head of their opposing faction in the party so deeply that the party got torn apart. While the matter is in the Nepalese Supreme Court regarding the decision, the opposing parties are on the streets. In such a situation, according to the experts, the chances of this political gluttony are at an end.

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