Potential projects even more than Tesla by Elon Musk

In addition to Tesla has been very successful, Elon Musk is also running another potential company, with two businesses such as the “Manhattan project”.

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In early February, Tesla stormed after it announced it had invested 1.5 billion USD into Bitcoin. The company run by Elon Musk is said to be profitable 800 million USD in just 2 weeks, more than the 2020 net profit.

2020 is also the time when Tesla’s stock increases eightfold, making Elon Musk the richest person in the world, while Tesla is one of the companies with the largest capitalization.

However, this is not the only company to take notice of Elon Musk. The billionaire also invests and runs another company that is expected to be as successful as Tesla.

Elon Musk’s “Manhattan project” duo

Last week, space transport company SpaceX took the investment 850 million USD in the latest fundraising round. SpaceX’s valuation after this round of funding has been reached 74 billion USD, up to 60% compared to August 2020.

Follow CNBC, the total value of the offer to invest in SpaceX in the last fundraising round is up to 6 billion USD. The great demand of investors comes from 2 highly potential projects of SpaceX, Starship and Starlink.

“They’re like two Manhattan projects running in parallel,” said founder Chris Quilty of analytics firm Quilty Analytics, likening the SpaceX projects to humanity’s first atomic bomb research.

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SpaceX’s rocket carries the Crew Dragon spacecraft, bringing NASA astronauts to the ISS station in 2020. Photo: SpaceX.

Starship is a new generation rocket project that SpaceX is developing, with a size and power greater than the Saturn V rocket to send crew to the Moon.

Starlink is a global Internet broadcasting project, with tens of thousands of satellites flying in the lower floors to broadcast. This project is currently available for trial users.

“This valuation is based on the belief that SpaceX will succeed in the future. The valuation is very high compared to the commercial rocket launch market, so Starlink should be taken into account, ”said Carissa Christensen, CEO of Bryce Space and Technology.

The number of companies entering the space industry is very small. As a result, groundbreakers like SpaceX are benefiting.

“There are obviously a lot of investors looking to find space-related companies to invest in, and just like the universe, this is an under-explored area,” said Jefferies analyst Greg Konrad. .

Another attraction of SpaceX is that it operates as a technology business, in stark contrast to many of the space miners invested by governments, with a defense orientation.

The next trillion dollar company?

Ark Invest analyst Sam Korus even believes that SpaceX could become a trillion dollar company as well.

“I don’t really know which companies are as fast creative as SpaceX,” said Mr. Korus.

The biggest success SpaceX has achieved today is the reusable rockets, which offer significant cost savings. The company’s Falcon 9 rocket has successfully launched and launched 67 times. This possibility offers “many new opportunities for what could be brought into space”, said analyst Greg Konrad.

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Starship missiles are larger in size, carry more goods, help reduce the cost of transporting goods to space. Photo: SpaceX.

However, Starship is far more ambitious. Project has an estimated total investment cost 5 billion USD could change the space transport industry as well.

Instead of just the boosters, the Starship project wants to reuse the whole rocket. Starship’s size is also larger, enough to carry about 110 tons of goods like Elon Musk’s ambition.

SpaceX says the operating cost per launch of a Falcon 9 rocket is 28 million USD. However, if Starship is fully reusable, the cost will be reduced to approximately 2 million USD.

“There will be many opportunities that we cannot imagine now, because then the space transport in large volumes will also be much cheaper,” Mr. Konrad said.

Thanks to the Falcon 9 missile line, SpaceX has been holding an overwhelming market share in the US space transport market for the past few years. Starship will make the pie of SpaceX bigger.

SpaceX has repeatedly launched and successfully landed Starship at low level. However, in recent high-range launch tests by Starship, rockets all explode when they land.

In addition to transporting goods, Starship can also send people to space, even to the Moon or Mars. A flight on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spaceship costs approx 200 million USD for 4 people. The fee will be much lower if you can use Starship.

“Since the missiles are reusable, we can imagine the trips to the Moon as little as possible 100,000 USD“, Mr. Korus shared.

The project challenges the telecommunications industry

Starlink, SpaceX’s space-based Internet project, is expected to change the telecom industry the way Tesla did in the car industry.

The cost for the Starlink project can be up to 10 billion USD. However, SpaceX hopes Starlink can bring it 30 billion USD/ year of revenue when fully operational. Satellite communication is also one of the most important areas in the space industry.

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SpaceX’s rockets carry the Starlink satellites into orbit. Photo: SpaceX.

SpaceX aims to launch 4,425 satellites into Earth orbit by 2024. To date, the company has launched more than 1,000 satellites.

Since October 2020, SpaceX has let users in the US, Canada and UK test Starlink’s service. Some people also get to try paid services for a price 99 USD.

“The industry already has a large market already, and Starlink is sure to join. However, it is not yet confirmed that Starlink will be successful, even if it is an important part of the valuation of SpaceX, “Mr. Carissa Christensen analyzed.

The expert also said that the telecom industry has a market of trillions of dollars globally, and is also easier to grasp for investors than the space transport sector.

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Image simulating the satellite network of Starlink covering almost the entire Earth. Photo: University College London.

Ark Invest commented that satellite Internet is one of the best ideas for investors in 2021. Mr. Korus believes that the US market has come. 10 billion USDper year, and the number is 40 billion USDper year globally.

However, development costs are still a major obstacle. Over the past few years, many companies that develop orbit satellite services have gone bankrupt. Elon Musk himself admits that, and thinks that SpaceX needs to go through the offsetting period for the Starlink project to be financially successful.

“The advantage of Starlink is that Elon Musk is really an investment calling machine,” said Quilty analyst.

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