Posting ‘sensitive’ photos of their children, will parents be blocked by Facebook?

Many parents do not hesitate to post “sensitive” images of their children on Facebook, as a joke. Will this action be locked by Facebook?

As reported, on the evening of August 16, a series of Facebook users in Vietnam were suddenly locked out of their accounts for 30 days and faced the risk of losing their accounts forever, which is believed to be related to sharing and commenting on a child pornographic video distributed on Facebook.

“Child pornography” is a private, sensitive issue and is severely punished by law in many countries, including Vietnam. Technology companies, such as Google, Apple, Facebook, etc., are also taking more stringent measures to limit and handle child pornography shared on their platforms.

Many Facebook users in Vietnam have their accounts blocked because they are suspected of interacting with a child pornography video that has been distributed online.

According to Facebook’s “Community Standards”, if a user posts content, images or videos with child pornography or acts of sexual abuse and exploitation, etc., they will be dealt with very severely. including being locked out of accounts and for users in the US, Facebook will provide information of violators to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) for authorities to take suitable handling.

Readers can refer to any content that is considered pornographic, sexually exploitative or child abuse… in violation of Facebook’s policies here.

So what about the case where parents who post “sensitive” photos of their own children on Facebook will be handled by this social network?

In fact, there are many parents who have a habit of posting photos of their children when they were young in a nude state or while taking a bath, going to the toilet, etc. on social networks as a joke or simply as a way to Show affection to your child. However, this is essentially a violation of Facebook’s community standards and policies. However, in this case, Facebook will have a gentler form of handling, which is to remove “sensitive” images of children from parents’ personal Facebook pages, instead of being direct. lock these accounts.

“We understand and appreciate that many parents share photos of their children on Facebook with good intentions. However, nudity may be removed if it doesn’t follow our Community Standards. This standard keeps Facebook a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Note that we may also remove these types of images to prevent others from using them in inappropriate ways,” Facebook said. Find out on the airline’s policy website.

Of course, only with “sensitive” images of children with elements of humor or daily life, Facebook can “lighten up” for parents, and if posting images with children. If it contains elements of violence or even pornography, the user’s Facebook account will be immediately locked and the chances of being unlocked by Facebook again are very low.

What content about children should parents not post on social media?

Many parents regularly post pictures of their children on social networking platforms, as a way to show their affection for their children, but not all content is appropriate.

Here are pictures of children that parents should not post on social networks, so as not to violate Facebook’s policies and ensure the safety of children.

– Nude and “sensitive” images: Even if they are just ordinary images with funny, funny … they can also be taken by bad guys and used for purposes not in shining.

– Photos taken with children’s friends and other people’s children: Not all parents feel satisfied when their child’s photo is posted on social networks by others. Therefore, it is recommended to limit or preferably not post pictures that children take with friends on Facebook.

– Pictures contain personal information, children’s full name and date of birth: Like adults, children’s personal information also needs to be protected strictly to avoid being stolen and taken advantage of by bad guys. different purposes.

– Pictures of information about where children are studying: If the bad guys know information about the school or education center children are attending, they can find ways to approach children when adults are not paying attention, with many purposes. bad, such as kidnapping.

– Pictures that children do not want to be posted online: Like adults, many children also have their own opinions and thoughts, so not all images children want to be “showed off” by their parents online. If your child is old enough to be aware, ask his or her opinion about the images you want to post online and only share when they agree.

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Difficult to recover locked Facebook account related to “sensitive” images of children

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