Posting anti-vaccination posts online, the American man died from Covid-19

A man in California, USA who regularly opposes vaccination on social networks has died of Covid-19.

Stephen Harmon, living in California, USA has just died of Covid-19. This information was announced on Twitter by the head of the church where Harmon lives on July 22.

Follow Business Insider, before his death, Harmon continuously posted articles on social networks to protest against the Covid-19 vaccination.

“You don’t trust the Bible because it was written by humans, yet you trust the CDC/Fauci prevention suggestions that were also written by people. It makes sense,” he wrote on Twitter on May 26. In June, he posted many articles on Twitter and confirmed that he did not receive a Covid-19 vaccine.

Tue died because he did not get the vaccine 1

Many American citizens still do not believe in a Covid-19 vaccine. Photo: Getty Images.

On June 30, Harmon announced he was hospitalized after contracting Covid-19 on Instagram. After that, he constantly updated his illness status on social networks.

Even while in the hospital, Harmon continued to post about vaccines. On July 8, he criticized the US government when he accused them of pressuring people to get vaccinated.

“I didn’t get vaccinated and ironically, I was hospitalized with Covid-19. I will be discharged from the hospital and continue without the vaccine,” he posted on Instagram.

In the days that followed, Harmon claimed his condition improved, then worsened again. Harmon’s last tweet was posted on July 21, announcing that he had to be intubated.

“I fought a lot but unfortunately I had to carry out emergency procedures because the situation was getting worse and worse. Don’t know when I can wake up, please pray for me,” Harmon posted the last post on Twitter before dying from Covid-19.

The fact that Americans have different views about the Covid-19 vaccine is not a new thing, even these people have gathered together into a community on social networks. They doubted information about the epidemic and refused to vaccinate.

Talking about the misinformation about Covid-19 spreading on social networks, US President Joe Biden strongly attacked with a brief statement: “They are killing people”.

Follow WSJ, Facebook and the White House have been meeting privately for months to discuss how to limit anti-vaccination content. The US government believes that Facebook is superficial, not strict enough to limit the influence of anti-vax groups on this platform.

As for Facebook, this social network, on the one hand, said that the US government is blaming, on the other hand, there are certain moves to limit the spread of false information during the epidemic period, although not effective few positives. Meanwhile, Twitter is constantly sweeping up accounts that spread false messages about the epidemic, including celebrities.

Follow Zing/Insider

US asks Big Tech to handle false information about Covid-19 vaccine

On July 15, the White House administration ordered Silicon Valley tech giants to deal with misinformation related to Covid-19 vaccines being spread on social networking platforms.


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