Postal enterprises add essential goods to the “green zone”

In addition to supplementing food sources and essential goods to serve people, in order to comply with the new regulations on protection of “green zones” in Ho Chi Minh City, the supply and delivery processes of postal businesses have been adjusted. correction.

Supply of essential goods is continuously adjusted

The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City on August 12 asked the districts, districts and Thu Duc city to coordinate with relevant units to establish and protect “green areas”. The control of the “green zone” must comply with the principle of “hold tight, strictly control”, in which the delivery staff, providing food and goods from the focal points coordinated by the Department of Industry and Trade, when entering ” green areas” must wear level 3 medical protective clothing.

The guidance of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City also states that, every week, local authorities issue cards and vouchers to buy food according to households. Food supply points for people in “green zones” are reviewed and registered by the People’s Committees of wards, communes and townships. People in the area where there is a food supply point, can only go to that point to buy goods.

To comply with the new regulations of Ho Chi Minh City, postal businesses have made appropriate adjustments to ensure the supply of food and essential goods for people in isolated areas, especially are “green zones”, contributing to maintaining the supply chain of goods in the city.

With new regulations on establishing and protecting “green zones” in Ho Chi Minh City, postal enterprises have adjusted their supply and delivery processes to suit the new situation (Illustration image: Ho Van)

Talking to ICTnews, a representative of the Ho Chi Minh City Post Office said that right after the city leader added a series of regulations to tighten management to protect the “green areas”, the unit asked the postal force. fully comply with the regulations. Delivery routes have also been rearranged, complying with the starting and ending points, and restricting circulation in the “green zone”.

“When supplying goods to people in the “green areas”, depending on the actual situation, the postman will agree on the delivery location, send the goods to self-management groups, guard the “green zone” so that people can to receive”, representative of Ho Chi Minh City Post Office for more information.

Previously, Ho Chi Minh City Post Office also organized 16 fresh food selling points and nearly 200 stabilizing essential sales points throughout the city. About a month ago, through the point of sale system and Postmart floor, the unit has also implemented a program to support agricultural production households in localities to consume agricultural products and specialties.

In addition to continuing to encourage customers to pay in advance, pay online to limit contact as well as comply with distance requirements, in recent days, Viettel Post has adjusted and added more regulations in the process. essential supply and delivery in the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City to comply with the new regulations of the city.

All postmen of Viettel Post in Ho Chi Minh City are equipped with level 3 protective gear. Postmen operating in “green zone” areas are required to wear protective gear to ensure safety and prevention. Translate.

In parallel with maintaining 34 stable sales points, Viettel Post determined that selling online through the Sea Shell floor is the channel that will be focused. In the coming time, this e-commerce platform will provide more combos of food and necessities at good prices to continue to support Ho Chi Minh City people to stay at home and fight the epidemic.

With areas under quarantine and blockade, Viettel Post HCMC branch organizes collection of orders for each neighborhood, apartment building or specific zones and hamlets to maximize the volume of goods to a point. Postmen are also required to coordinate with area management forces to deliver goods to people to limit contact and ensure safety against epidemics.

Continue to replenish supplies for the case of prolonged distance

Up to now, Ho Chi Minh City has implemented a city-wide distance for nearly 40 days and is expected to extend the time to apply this measure until September 15, to control the source of infection. Strengthening the reserve of essential goods, ready to meet the needs of the people to the maximum is what postal enterprises have been implementing to ensure the supply chain of goods.

According to a representative of Viettel Post, the unit has now connected with more than 300 suppliers of goods in neighboring provinces and cities of Ho Chi Minh City and is constantly looking for and working with new suppliers, opening new booths. on the Seashell floor, especially food and necessities supply stalls.

Along with that, the enterprise has proactively proposed to support suppliers with warehouses for quick transportation of goods, and suppliers also have more warehouses to import and store goods.

“This helps raise the daily supply limit for the national market from 300 tons to 450 tons. In Ho Chi Minh City alone, we can currently supply 100 tons/day, contributing to ensuring people have enough food at a stable price.”, representative of Viettel Post shared.

Postal enterprises add essential goods to the
Postal businesses have increased their stock of essential goods, ready to meet the needs of the people through both online and offline channels.

Saying that people’s demand for essential goods increased after Ho Chi Minh City announced the extension of social distancing, a representative of the Ho Chi Minh City Post Office confirmed that his unit had a backup plan for the source of goods.

Therefore, all points supplying essential goods and stabilizing prices will always have enough goods, especially food and food items. Besides, this postal enterprise is also working with major suppliers to diversify products to serve the people of Ho Chi Minh City.

Up to now, Ho Chi Minh City Post Office is still organizing the supply of essential goods to people in three ways: Direct supply at the point of sale; provided directly through the Postmart floor; and receive orders from people via postal phone numbers, post offices or communal cultural post offices in the areas.

Aggregated data from Vietnam Post, Viettel Post, Fast Delivery, Economical Delivery and Netco shows that, by the end of August 14, in 27 localities that are distancing themselves to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, businesses have established 4,355 points, providing 27,506 tons of essential goods. The total volume of goods transported under the direction of local authorities has reached 5,746 tons.

Van Anh

Hanoi establishes

Hanoi establishes “green zones”, postal enterprises change the way of essential delivery

As soon as Hanoi established “green zones” – areas with no infections, postal enterprises flexibly changed their delivery solutions to ensure the supply of essential goods to these areas, and at the same time comply with the regulations. anti-epidemic regulations.


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