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HanoiGenitourinary disorders, decreased libido are among many Covid sequelae recorded in both men and women, doctors recommend lifestyle changes and treatment when needed.

After recovering from Covid, the 35-year-old man was tired, had poor concentration and was not as interested in sex as before. Going to the Hanoi Hospital for Menopause and Infertility, the patient said that he had only mild symptoms of Covid and recovered after a week, but was still tired for a long time, with decreased libido and erectile dysfunction. The test results showed that his testosterone level was only 7.9 nmol/L, while the normal range ranged from 10-28 nmol/L.

“This is a typical sign of hypogonadism and it is necessary to have a prescription for drugs to regulate the hormone testosterone,” said doctor Pham Minh Ngoc, a specialist in andrology. This condition can lead to fatigue, frustration, depression, apathy, decreased fertility, and broken marital relationships. For treatment, the doctor prescribed him specific drugs and instructed him to combine exercise and diet regimens for early recovery.

Genital disorders are also found in women. Master, Doctor Phan Chi Thanh, Department of Medical Examination, National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, said that recently, many women have come to the doctor because they are afraid of married life after recovering from Covid. Like a 25-year-old patient, she lost all desire, avoidance, even psychological pressure because she didn’t want to have sex even though both of them were newly married. This condition lasted for two months without stopping, she went to the hospital to check.

Explaining this, Dr. Ngoc said that Covid not only affects the respiratory system but also affects sexual health and is more common in men. Caused by the virus directly attacking the testicles in Leydic cells through the mechanism with ACE-2; Attacks on small blood vessels in the penis, impairing blood vessel function, reducing penile perfusion, causing erectile dysfunction. Long-term sequelae of Covid in the lungs such as pulmonary fibrosis can cause hypoxia in the penile blood vessels, leading to poor erection. Or, people with respiratory problems after Covid may become too tired, short of breath during sex. For those with pre-existing erectile dysfunction, the sequelae will make the erection worse, even causing sexual dysfunction in even healthy men.

Research in the world shows that about 24% of men after Covid-19 infection have recorded a decrease in testosterone levels, and this may affect physiological needs. However, there is no evidence that this reduction in testosterone leads to prolonged fatigue or other manifestations, and not everyone experiences decreased libido after Covid.

The pandemic also makes women face a lot of pressure such as food, money, health concerns, isolation for treatment and even no space to share… leading to stress and boredom. sex. “However, women are more fortunate when they have not seen evidence of Covid-19 lesions in the genital organs,” said Doctor Thanh.

According to doctors, women with reduced libido are often depressed, so they do not want to have sex or want to have sex but are worried about affecting their health. However, the right husband and wife relationship helps to stimulate the immune system, enhancing the ability to fight the virus,” even if you have Covid but have mild symptoms or no symptoms, you can still lead a normal life to help improve your mental health. intellectually, spiritually, and improve family affection”.

In case F0 has a high fever, difficulty breathing, respiratory failure … should abstain from sex for at least three days or F0 has no symptoms but has an underlying disease such as heart failure, respiratory failure… it is necessary to consult a doctor first. to ensure safety.

Besides, no sex and stress is a cycle that repeats itself. For example, when psychological instability will lead to uncomfortable married life, and uncomfortable activities will increase stress. Not to mention, when infected, the body is weaker, the desire to decrease is understandable, even many cases of husband and wife after recovering from the disease have not had sex for two or three months. Therefore, scientifically, couples should try to have sex again soon to relieve stress and improve health.

“It may not be interesting at first, but being close regularly will help the couple regain their feelings faster,” the doctor said.

Doctor Ngoc is checking and examining the patient’s health. Photo: Hospital provides

The doctor recommended, F0 recovered from the disease, so pay attention to listen to your body. If there are symptoms such as fatigue, loss of concentration, lethargy, decreased libido, sexual frigidity, poor erection, etc., then you must change your lifestyle in a healthy direction. Do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, beer, do not use stimulants, addictive substances; Exercise at least 15-20 minutes/day, do exercises to improve lung ventilation. The couple should supplement nutrition, increase exercise, not stay up late, limit fatty foods, fast food, fried food, fat, animal organs.

In case the patient has reproductive health problems, sexual disorders, it is necessary to consult a doctor for timely treatment.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines post-Covid-19 syndrome as occurring in people infected for three months, with symptoms present and lasting for at least two months that cannot be explained by other diagnoses. . Depending on the damage caused by Covid or complications at the time of examination, the doctor will prescribe appropriate treatment.

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