Portugal completes vaccination for 80% of the population

Portugal has given two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to 80% of its population, making it one of the countries with the highest vaccination rates in the world.

The country and the United Arab Emirates have equal vaccination rates, leading the world.

Earlier this year, Portugal faced a bad Covid-19 outbreak. But the country has successfully vaccinated about 8.2 of its more than 10 million people. The vaccine is given to people 12 years of age and older. Most people over 65 years old and about 50% of adolescents aged 12-17 years are now fully vaccinated.

“I don’t care much about being number one, two or three globally (in terms of vaccination coverage),” said Vice Admiral Henrique de Gouveia e Melo, head of Portugal’s vaccine task force. .

“The most important thing is to control the virus, to vaccinate as many people as possible so that the virus does not have a chance to spread,” he said.

Vice-Admiral Gouveia e Melo was praised for setting up an effective and rapid vaccination campaign that allowed Portugal to lift most of its Covid-19 restrictions. From September 13, people in this country no longer have to wear masks in public.

Medical staff prepare a dose of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine in Seixal, Portugal, September 11, 2019. Photo: Reuters

According to Gouveia e Melo, Portugal’s vaccination program is similar to other European Union countries, but the country does not face a wave of anti-vaccination. In Portugal, only about 3% of the population does not intend to get the Covid-19 vaccine. This makes the implementation progress faster.

But Mr. Gouveia e Melo warned that the fight against Covid-19 is not over until all rich and poor countries have access to a vaccine.

“Rich countries have widespread vaccination, while poor countries have no supply. I oppose this approach, not only from an ethical and moral point of view, but because it is not the right strategy,” he said.

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