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Population report released in China, this claim was made about population by 2025

China Population Update: The world’s most populous China has made a new claim about the country’s population. China has shown signs of slowing down in its population. China’s state media Global Times, citing a senior health official, said that the pace of population in the country has started slowing down. Chinese state media also expressed the hope of a decrease in population before 2025.

A report on the birth rate was presented by the Health Department of China. It was claimed that during 2021, the birth rate in many provinces of China has been much lower than before. It has also been claimed in the report that the birth rate figures that have come out during this period are much less than many decades.

So many children born in Hunan province after 60 years

Chinese media Global Times claimed that the number of births in central Hunan province fell below half a million for the first time in 60 years. The report said that in China’s southern Guangdong province alone, more than one million children have been born during this period. China has been battling for years to address a rapid decline in population growth, as many young people choose not to have children due to high costs and work pressures.

The Global Times quoted Yang Wenzhuang, head of population and family affairs at China’s National Health Commission, as saying that he expects China’s population to decline in 2021-25.

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