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Political option will stand against Taliban, Karzai, Abdullah, Ahmed Masood and Saleh in touch

Afghanistan: The new Taliban government in Afghanistan will soon face strong political opposition. ABP News has got exclusive information from sources. It is being told that former President Hamid Karzai, Dr Abdullah, Resistance Force leader Ahmed Masood and former Vice President Amrullah are in contact in this regard.

The possibility of formation of the government-in-exile is also not ruled out – sources

According to sources, all Afghan ambassadors posted in about 70 countries during Ghani’s government are also involved in this conversation and soon a strong political alternative against the Taliban may emerge. The sources also did not rule out the possibility of formation of the government-in-exile. This also gives clear indications that in this context all these people are in contact with all the countries. Therefore, countries around the world will not be in a hurry to recognize the Taliban.

Need to create a political alternative against Taliban: Sources

Sources said that because against all the claims, neither the Taliban government became comprehensive nor women were being given their rights. The Taliban, like last time, sticks to its repressive policies. Therefore, there is a need to create a political alternative against the Taliban. This is also necessary because this time the resistance force could not even stand against the Taliban. This time America has also returned and Tajikistan is also not helping Amrullah Saleh.

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