Pointed out, the age difference of the actors of the Eiffel film creates a new controversy

The love story between the engineer and the beautiful Adrienne Bourgès inspired Martin Bourboulon’s film. But these, in reality, were only separated by ten years, when Romain Duris and Emma Mackey are twenty-two years apart. It did not take less to make feminist activists leap.

On October 13, for its first day in theaters, the film Eiffel, freely inspired by the history of the most famous of Gustave Eiffel’s constructions, imposed itself by attracting 66,590 spectators, previews included. But it also connects controversies. Between the accusations of its screenwriter Caroline Bongrand who would have been ousted by director Martin Bourboulon and the indignation of the great-great-grandson of the engineer, the feature film signs a thunderous entry into the box office. A last controversy that we did not expect comes to strike this romance: the age difference between the actors Romain Duris, 47, and Emma Mackey, 25.

On social networks, recriminations are rife. “And the age difference between the character of Eiffel and his youthful sweetheart, don’t you hate it? I do “, gets carried away an Internet user, riddling his message with hashtags “Agism” [catégoriser les personnes en fonction de leur âge, N.D.L.R.], “Sexism” and “witch”. The director is notably criticized for not having respected the real age gap between the two protagonists. In reality, Eiffel and his first love, the beautiful Adrienne Bourgès, were only separated by ten years.

Going beyond the simple case ofEiffel, the question was asked regarding other films such as To die can wait or the next Ridley Scott Kitbag, which will feature Joaquin Phoenix in the role of Napoleon Bonaparte and Jodie Comer in that of Joséphine de Beauharnais. The actors are 46 and 28 years old respectively, when the future empress was 8 years older than her fiery husband.

Events took a more radical turn when Swiss essayist Mona Chollet, author of Reinventing love, shared a publicity photo, featuring the couple formed by Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey. “Wrinkles and white hair for him, smooth features for her. Fascinating, the way in which The Kooples ads with Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey perpetuate the double standard of seduction and the domination of men by age in the couple ”, she comments acerbically. Uproar, for the one who believed she had found a new way to denounce the patriarchal system. “The concepts of standard, society and system are obviously too complex for you”, she sees herself, among other things, retort in comment.

Because many are also those who have defended Duris, Mackey, Cassel and Kunakey, accusing their detractors in particular of infantilizing young women. Especially since the actors ofEiffel would have, according to the magazine here is , started a romantic relationship since the filming of the film. If we can question the little room left for mature actresses in the cinema, it would undoubtedly be reckless to judge their life choices. Chollet has just had a bitter experience.


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