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Podcasts to boost the general culture of children

Capucine, 10, listens to podcasts every night on her way home from school: “I like it because I can do other things at the same time. Take my snack, draw, make Brazilian bracelets…” Right now she’s devouring Amélia’s journeys to the heart of history, co-produced by Europe 1 Studio, Deezer and Bloom. Designed as an adventure story, with its share of revelations and twists, this soap opera follows the wanderings of a curious little girl and an old antique dealer through the corridors of time.

From one episode to the next, a magic elevator transports them from the palace of the pharaoh Akhenaton to the court of the Sun King, from the caves of Lascaux to the Parisian salon, where Olympe de Gouges proclaimed her Declaration of the Rights of Women and the citizen. The opportunity, each time, to glean information about the time and its key personalities, often embodied by animators from Europe 1.

→ PODCAST THE CROSS.The other side of the story: listen to season 4

History but also politics, science… In recent years, the offer for young people available on media sites or on listening platforms (Apple, Spotify, etc.) has grown considerably. “Many families discovered podcasts during confinement, as an alternative to screens, and this habit has not died out, rejoices Carole Cheysson, founder eleven years ago of Bloom. Audio has become a resource to entertain but also to educate. »

CRITICAL. Timeless Petit Nicolas, on France Culture

Contrary to short, very basic formats, such as curious little ones, which responds in one minute to a question of general culture, the “children’s radio” makes real “sound films” with actors, neat sound effects and original music. A quality that bears fruit: in just over two months, the twelve episodes of Amelia’s travels accumulated more than 200,000 plays on the website and the Europe 1 application.

Our opinion

Sometimes concise and straightforward, sometimes sophisticated, these podcasts allow you to expand your knowledge, while having fun. Among the novelties of the winter, we recommend to 8-12 year olds the new episodes ofOlma, the France Inter series which makes complex scientific notions crystal clear, from black holes to microbes. There is also Musky’s Odyssey on the life of sled dogs ( and the Youth stories (on, which deliver the secrets of the writers (Christelle Dabos, Yves Grevet…).

Or, for 11-15 year olds, Me, teenager, president, which combines a clever decryption behind the scenes of the Vand Republic to meetings between teenagers and presidential candidates. A good tool to understand the approaching election.


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