‘Podcast fever’ in Spain

The epidemic caused many bookstores to close indefinitely. However, Spain’s podcast revenue last year reached $ 1.3 billion, bringing the country’s book industry out of danger.

A report by Podimo – one of the fastest growing audiobooks and podcasts in the Hispanic community – says podcast listeners are rapidly creating a “craze” for the format.

Specifically, in 2020, the number of podcast listeners reached an impressive level (38%), bringing revenue from podcasts to 1.3 billion USD. This number is expected to increase 6 times (about 8 billion USD) in the next decade.

Spain is one of the countries where many Internet users listen to monthly podcasts. Out of the 40 countries mentioned in the Global Digital News Report, Spain ranks 16th in terms of podcast consumption.

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Podcasts are creating a “craze” in the “land of bulls”. Photo: Rafael Quintero.

Every day around the world, up to 20,000 podcasts are released to the market. Since the outbreak of the disease, this number tends to increase month by month. In which, the number of publications including at least 10 chapters accounts for 23%.

The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the prerequisites affecting the strong growth of podcasts in the “land of bulls” in the past year. Along with podcasts, audiobooks, and e-books, are also “continuously evolving.” It is estimated that revenue from audio books can increase 4 times by 2030 (from 5 billion USD up 20 billion USD).

At a time of social distancing, online releases (including podcasts, audiobooks, e-books) in this country are quickly becoming the most preferred book formats by users even while working in the country. home.

Podcasts serve many different purposes. Answering the question “What is the main purpose of listening to podcasts?”, 30% of people surveyed said they listen “to pass the time”. They listen to podcasts whenever there is a free time of the day.

27% is a number for people who listen to podcasts for entertainment and relaxation purposes. Next, the purpose of learning, finding information, accounted for 23% and 20% respectively.

Podimo’s report also shows that the age of podcast listeners usually ranges from 25 to 45. Most of them are urbanites, coming from big cities like Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Toledo…

They have a habit of listening to podcasts twice a day, for 20-30 minutes each time, equivalent to 15 hours per month. Most admit that they listen to podcasts between 8am and 8pm daily. After 8pm, they look to more forms of entertainment on television and YouTube.

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Many people surveyed said they have a habit of listening to podcasts when taking public transport. Photo: BBVA.

The most listened to podcast language here is still native Spanish (85%). The remaining 15% listen to podcasts in other languages ​​​​in the world, in which, English accounts for the majority.

The most popular podcast genre includes podcast editions for entertainment, entertainment, and humor purposes. Followed by content-oriented publications that develop life skills, spread information, and romance literature.

“Over the past six months, we’ve been surprised by how much podcast listeners accept to pay. That effect drives us to improve the quality of service and content for each publication, so that the 15 hours per month of listening to our customers’ podcasts are met as efficiently as possible,” said Javier Celaya, General Manager of the Podimo channel. in Spain and the Latin American region, says.

Podimo is a podcast and audiobook platform that currently operates in Denmark, Germany, Spain, and 20 Spanish-speaking Latin American countries.

Subscribers have access to over 50,000 free and paid Spanish-language podcasts to access over 100 original shows in Spanish, representing a catalog of 1,000 exclusive podcast episodes that can’t be heard in anywhere else, as well as 1,000 other audiobooks in Spanish.

Along with Storytel and Audible, Podimo quickly became the main consumers for Spanish-language audiobooks and podcasts, accounting for 86% of total online book publishing industry revenue.

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