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PM Modi to lead UN Security Council meeting today

Maritime security was put on the agenda for the first time for a comprehensive debate
In the most powerful body of the UN, the Security Council, several times resolutions have been passed on maritime security. But this will be the first time that the subject has been put on the agenda for a comprehensive debate in a consolidated manner. According to the Ministry of External Affairs officials, India has been of the opinion that no one country can decide on maritime security, so there is a need to discuss and agree on this subject in a comprehensive manner. 

India has also been in favor of an integrated global policy that will protect legitimate activities on the issue of maritime security, while also strengthening the system of action against traditional and non-traditional threats.

trying to take forward the concept of Sagar
India is also trying to take forward the concept of Sagar on the pretext of a special meeting on maritime security, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been talking about since 2015. Security and Growth for All in the Region (SAGAR) is a concept that has security and growth opportunities for all.

The same idea of ​​the ocean was taken forward during the 2019 East Asia Summit and was given the shape of the Indo-Pacific Ocean Initiative. Under this, the main pillars were decided which include topics like marine ecology, marine resources, capacity expansion, resource sharing, disaster control measures and management, coordination between science and technology educational institutions, business connectivity and maritime transport.

First Indian PM to chair UNSC meeting 
In a statement issued before the meeting, the Ministry of External Affairs said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be the first Indian PM to have an open debate in the UN Security Council. Will be seen presiding. The meeting will begin at 5:30 PM IST in New York.

Many countries will also keep their point on the issue of South China Sea  
By the way, on the pretext of brainstorming on maritime security, many countries have also been asked about the issue of Chinese hijacking in the South China Sea. You will get a chance to have your say. In particular, Vietnam will also get an opportunity, which has disputes with China over the Purcell and Spartal Islands.

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