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PM Modi targets Hemant Soren government, ‘Shortcut politics leads to short circuit’

PM Modi Jharkhand Visit: PM Narendra Modi is on Jharkhand tour today. Here he inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for development works worth Rs 16,800 crore. After this, PM Modi took part in a 12 km long road show in Deoghar amidst tight security and worshiped at Baba Baidyanath Temple in Deoghar. After worshiping Lord Shiva in Babadham, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Deoghar College Ground and is addressing the gathering there. PM has started speech with Baba Baidyanath ki Jai.

PM Modi said that on the one hand the blessings of Baba and on the other hand the blessings of Jana Janardan in the form of God give so much power, you and I also know this. Sometime back, I got a chance to have darshan and worship at the feet of revered Baba. Before that, schemes worth thousands of crores of rupees were also offered at the feet of Baba and Janata Janardan for the development of Jharkhand.

Targeting the Jharkhand government, the PM said that today the politics of shortcuts is being done by making populist promises. In a country whose politics is based on shortcuts, one day short circuit also happens in that country. So don’t get into the politics of shortcuts. Shortcut politics ruins the country. The post-independence government had adopted many shortcuts. Because of this, the countries that became independent with us went ahead.

PM Modi said that I am urging the countrymen to stay away from the politics of shortcuts. Those who do politics of shortcuts will never build new airports, will never build new, modern highways. Those who do politics of shortcut will never get AIIMS built, will not work hard for a medical college in every district. Those with shortcuts do not have to work hard nor do they have to think about far-reaching consequences.

The PM said that in the earlier governments, schemes were announced, then after leaving one or two governments, one or two stones were used. The stone kept hanging, after running two or four governments, someone else would come, then he used to put bricks, I don’t know after how many governments that plan was visible in front. Today we have brought that work culture, we have brought that political culture, we have brought that model of governance that we inaugurate the foundation stone of which we lay.

He said that India is the land of faith, spirituality and pilgrimage. Pilgrimages have shaped us as a better society and a better nation. If we look at Deoghar itself, then there is Shiva and Shakti too. Both Jyotirlinga and Shaktipeeth are present here. Be it Baba Vaidyanath Dham, Kashi Vishwanath Dham, Kedarnath Dham, Ayodhya Dham, Ramayana circuit, holy places associated with Lord Buddha, modern facilities are being prepared in every place associated with faith, spirituality and historical importance in the country. .

The PM further said that today tourism as a lucrative industry remains a huge medium of employment in many countries of the world. Today there are many countries all over the world, whose entire economy is running on the basis of tourists only. The power of tourism is immense in every nook and corner of India, there is a lot of potential, we need to increase it.

The Prime Minister said that today it is the need of the hour that India should preserve its heritage as much as possible and at a faster rate, increase modern facilities there. We are seeing this all over the country that in the past years, the number of pilgrims and tourists has increased manifold in all the pilgrimage sites which were connected with modern facilities. Its direct benefit is being given to the people living there, nearby people, people of nearby districts.

The PM further said in his address that it is a matter of great pride for our government that on November 15, the birthday of Lord Birsa Munda, we have declared Tribal Pride Day. We have also got the privilege of building the best and modern museum of Dharti Aba Birsa Munda. Ever since the development has gained momentum in Kashi, the Kashi Vishwanath complex has been beautified, the number of devotees visiting Banaras has increased manifold. So far this year, Varanasi has received 3 times more passengers as compared to three years ago.

The PM said that I am sure that the projects which we have started today are going to give a new impetus to the development of Jharkhand. For us, Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas and everyone’s efforts are not just slogans. Yesterday you were lighting the lamp, today you swelled with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and as far as I can see, people are people, it means people need development. The PM said that when the government does not have money, then from where will it build the road. The people of Jharkhand are going to benefit from 5G.

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