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PM Modi gives strong message to China and Pakistan at SCO conference, know the big things of the address

The new Delhi In a strong message to China and Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that all the member states of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) should respect each other’s universality and territorial integrity. The Prime Minister’s statement in the backdrop of the violent deadlock on the border between India and China in East Ladakh and Pakistan’s efforts to internationalize the Kashmir issue and the terrorist activities carried out by it against India from across the border. Came in

Modi addressed this summit through a video conference. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan were also present in it. The conference was presided over by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Referring to India’s participation in strengthening connectivity between member nations, Modi said, “India believes that to deepen connectivity further, it is necessary to respect each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Go ahead with the basic principles.

Modi, in his address, termed the SCO’s efforts to bring bilateral issues in the agenda “unfortunate” and said that India is committed to working according to the principles laid down in the SCO Charter. He also said that the basic goal of the United Nations is still incomplete and that the world struggling with the economic and social suffering of the Kovid-19 epidemic expects a complete change in its system.

He said, “The United Nations has completed its 75 years. But despite many successes, the basic goal of the United Nations is still incomplete. The world struggling with the economic and social suffering of the pandemic is expected to bring about a radical change in the system of the United Nations. He discusses topics such as today’s global realities and expectations of all stakeholders, contemporary challenges and human welfare. Stressed the need for “multilateralism” and hoped that the SCO member nations would get full support in this effort.

Modi said that India strongly believes in peace, security and prosperity and has always voiced opposition to terrorism, trafficking in illegal weapons, intoxicants and money laundering. He said, “India has been firm in its commitment to work under the SCO, as per the principles laid down in the SCO Charter but it is unfortunate that efforts are being made to repeatedly, unnecessarily, bring bilateral issues on its agenda.” Huh. These violate the SCO Charter and the ‘Shanghai spirit’. Such efforts are contrary to the spirit of consensus and cooperation that defines SCO. ”

The Prime Minister said that even in this very difficult time of unprecedented epidemic, the pharma industry of India has sent essential medicines to more than 150 countries. He assured that India, as the world’s largest vaccine-producing country, will use its vaccine production and distribution capacity to help the entire humanity in fighting this crisis.


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