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PM Modi announced to give Booster Dose to the elderly and frontline workers

PM Modi on Booster Dose: In his address to the nation on the occasion of Christmas last evening, PM Narendra Modi announced that from January 3, vaccination will start in the country for children in the age group of 15 to 18 years. In his address, the PM also announced the introduction of booster dose. He said that in view of the increasing case of Omicron in the country, booster dose will be started from January 10, which will include people above 60 years and health workers ( workers) Will be given a booster dose.

At the same time, the expert has described that decision of the PM as a good step. In fact, Dr. Dhiren Gupta, a pediatric pulmonologist at Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, said, “This is a very good step. It has been 1 year since the frontline workers got the vaccine. So now people need a booster dose.” He said that the Center should start ‘Precaution Dose’ as soon as possible. Dr Dhiren said that the next plan should be to vaccinate children above 5 years. Pediatricians should be allowed to vaccinate these children in their clinics.

Booster dose will serve as a milestone

On the government’s announcement of booster doses, Dr. Ravi Malik, Director, Radix Healthcare, said, “This is a historic decision and will serve as a milestone in the fight against COVID-19. As the vaccine is the most effective against the disease.” equipment.” He further said, “PM has announced vaccine and booster dose of children at the right time. Children need to be vaccinated because their parents were feeling very unsafe. Health care workers also now need to be vaccinated so that their body I can make antibodies again.”

Welcome to the decision to give vaccine to children

IMA President, J.A. Jayalal said, “We welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement of vaccine, healthcare and booster dose for frontline workers for children in the age group of 15-18 years. Doctors should be used.”



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