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PM Modi and German Chancellor sign Green-Sustainable Energy Partnership, talks on these issues

Green and Sustainable Energy Partnership: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a three-day visit to Europe. As part of this tour, PM Modi reached Berlin, the capital of Germany and met its Chancellor Olaf Scholz. After this both the leaders attended the IGC meeting of India-Germany. After the meeting, the two leaders also signed the Partnership of Green and Sustainable Energy. So the Chancellor of Germany also invited PM Modi to join the G7.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that I thank Chancellor Olaf Scholz for the warm welcome extended to me and my delegation. I am glad that this year my first foreign trip is happening in Germany. Since our last IGC was held in 2019, significant changes have taken place in the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the global economy. Recent geopolitical events also showed how fragile world peace and stability is and how interconnected all countries are. As democracies, India and Germany share many common values. Based on these shared values ​​and common interests, our bilateral relations have made remarkable progress over the years.

PM Modi spoke on Ukraine crisis

Speaking on the ongoing war between Russia-Ukraine, PM Narendra Modi said that from the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine, we had called for a ceasefire. No party will be victorious in this war. Due to this crisis, oil prices are skyrocketing. India has sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine on its behalf.

What PM said on Green Hydrogen Task Force

PM Modi said that we have decided to form a Green Hydrogen Task Force. India will become an important instrument of global recovery. He said that recently we have signed agreements with UAE and Australia. Let us tell you that Germany has signed Hydrogen Cooperation Agreement with India.

What Germany Chancellor Olaf Scholz said

Olaf Scholz said that India has an important role in the global economy and climate change dialogue. India is one of our important partners. He said that the world can progress only when all the countries support each other and their relations remain cordial. Only a few powerful countries cannot do anything. I am happy that Germany and India have signed a special kind of relationship and I invite PM Modi as our guest for the G7 summit in June. I look forward to welcoming you back to Germany.

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