“Please don’t add to the pain of those involved”

Sharing videos and suicide notes online, according to media experts, is an act of indifference, likes and defiant views.

Insensitive actions, likes and views regardless

The incident of the bad male student in Hanoi on April 1 made many people feel heartbroken. However, on social networking platforms, as well as a number of media agencies or general websites, indiscriminately posting video clips and suicide notes of male students is condemnable.


“Please do not add to the pain of those involved”, that is the call of Mr. Le Quoc Vinh, chairman of Le Group of Companies, before the video clip and suicide note of the ill-fated male student were shared. from yesterday until now.

Vinh said that he did not dare to watch or read those video clips and suicide notes. It’s very painful. Netizens sharing those things only make the insiders, those involved, especially my parents extremely miserable. This wound will never heal. He hopes people online, put themselves in other people’s shoes and think carefully about what to say, what to share on social networks. Any unconscious action can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Nguyen Duy Vi, Director of Buzi media company, the fact that social networking platforms, some media agencies or websites aggregate, publish videos and suicide notes of male students, is an act of expression of indifference and a like/view regardless! There are many ways to report news, but why share it indiscriminately despite the mental pain of insiders. Try to put the situation that the family members of those messengers are unlucky and are treated so harshly, what will they think?

According to Vi, this is not the first time that private issues of families and individuals, especially children, have been published so freely. It is a wake-up call to a disturbing genre of mob psychology. Do they share, do they say clichés to show that they are a person of conscience?

As for media expert Nguyen Ngoc Long, on the side of the media, it is easy to see that there is a misunderstanding of a part of netizens when in the name of “warning up parents” to promote behavior. Distributing video clips and commenting on the content of the suicide note in the direction of attacking the parents of the ill-fated male student.

He agrees that warning parents to listen and share with their children is the right thing to do. But it is equally important to warn children not to act foolishly. However, the line between being warned and in the name of warning and then “calmly” using anyone’s photos and personal information without permission is becoming very thin.

“We cannot use a good intention to justify a wrongdoing. In other words, there is still a middle plan that can satisfy both. While respecting the male student, his image and personal information; as well as respecting the honor and dignity as well as sharing the pain of loss of her family, but still being able to talk about the story as a wake-up call for both parents and students so that heartbreaking things won’t happen in the family. the future”, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Long assessed.

Authorities need to soon rectify social networking platforms

According to Mr. Nguyen Duy Vi, in fact, not only the incident of the male student above, but in recent times, on social networking platforms, there are many incidents in which personal information about personal life has been posted on a regular basis. innocent way. Many tiktok videos, many Facebook fan pages or Youtube videos and some general news sites, when there is a scandal, it is almost to put all the information of the people involved online in a carefree manner. From information about family, company, emotional relationship, children and “sensitive” images… are almost all exposed on social networking platforms and general news sites. Authorities should soon take measures to rectify to protect the people involved and limit this situation.

Before incidents related to online privacy, especially children, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Long also said that authorities will do things to prevent acts that they perceive as having signs of illegality. the law. For example, using personal photos without permission; disclose personal information, private life of the people involved in the story.

With the same opinion, Mr. Le Quoc Vinh shared: “As for the authorities, I think it’s time to take strong sanctions against the act of distributing unauthorized content, violating the privacy of users. People. Use technology to detect and prevent these unconscious behaviors. At the same time, educate other citizens to understand the consequences of helping to spread other people’s private content.”

The Ministry of Information and Communications has also asked social networks and general electronic news sites to immediately remove the video clip and suicide note of the ill-fated male student.

Le My

Request social networks, websites to remove the video and suicide note of the male student who committed suicide

Request social networks, websites to remove the video and suicide note of the male student who committed suicide

The leader of the Department of Education and Training (Ministry of Information and Communications) said that he had sent a request to social networking platforms and websites to stop posting, and to review and remove videos and suicide letters of male students.


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