Playing with lighters, the boy burns his face

Quang NinhAn 8-year-old boy was playing with a lighter, unfortunately the object exploded, the fire hit his face causing severe burns.

The baby was taken to the Vietnam – Sweden Hospital Uong Bi by family members for emergency on September 21, the most severe burns were on both cheeks. Doctors clean wounds to avoid infection, use pain relievers, use antibiotics to prevent bacterial superinfection, closely monitor them at the hospital.

Doctors instruct the burn department to wash the wound with clean water to reduce the temperature and reduce the depth. Burns on hands or feet, you can soak the burned area in a basin of water or run water directly into the burned area.

If the burn area is large, do not remove the clothing (leaving the skin on the burn area) but cut the clothing with scissors. Do not come into direct contact with the burn to avoid infection. Then quickly take the victim to the hospital, absolutely do not apply or apply anything to the wound.

Family members should keep out of reach of children hot and boiling items, flammable and explosive substances, incendiary substances, electrical appliances, even small objects that can be harmful such as lighters, thermometer clips…

An 8-year-old boy was playing with a lighter, severely burned his cheeks, nose and forehead. Image: Hospital provides

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