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Plane crash in California, USA, house burnt down, two killed

Plane Crash in California: At least two people were killed when a plane crashed on Monday in California, America. There are also reports of several people getting injured in the accident. According to officials, two houses also caught fire due to the accident.

“The plane crashed around noon in Santi, 20 miles (30 kilometers) northeast of San Diego,” Deputy Fire Chief Justin Matsushita said. Two people have died in the accident and two people have been injured who have been admitted to the hospital.

burnt down house

Officials further said that two houses and several vehicles were damaged in the fire due to the accident. Fire Chief John Garlow said two people were scorched. One house was gutted in the fire and the other also caught fire. A truck carrying goods was also damaged in the fire.

However, it is not yet known from where the plane took off and what was its destination. A video of this accident has also surfaced, in which a house and a truck have been gutted.

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